ABA Bank has been recognized for its achievements in the banking industry. Below are some of the awards we have received in the past years:


Cambodia’s Bank of the Year 2022 award from The Banker magazine. ABA Bank was highly praised for overhauling its consumer banking services and its strategic focus on innovative technologies and digital services.


The "Best Bank for Digital Solutions in Cambodia 2022" award from Asiamoney, the regional arm of the reputable international financial magazine Euromoney. The award from Asiamoney was bestowed to ABA for the Bank's digital banking transformation and strategic focus on providing innovative banking experiences to its customers.


The second consecutive “Domestic Retail Bank in Cambodia” title from the Asian Banking and Finance magazine. The award is bestowed on ABA for the recent significant enhancement and improvement of its digital banking platform and constant expansion of the physical and self-banking network.The experts praise ABA's remarkable achievements during the year and the development of its services to bring convenient and innovative banking solutions to its customers.


Best Bank in Cambodia 2022 award from the Euromoney magazine. The ninth consecutive title confirms ABA's position as Cambodia's leading bank and largest provider of retail banking. Euromoney applauded ABA for its innovative banking solutions, solid expansion, and remarkable growth. The decision of the judging panel is also supported by ABA's recent significant development and enhancement of its digital state-of-the-art platform.


The eighth consecutive “Best Bank in Cambodia” accolade from the Global Finance magazine. The judges of Global Finance recognized ABA Bank for carefully attending its customers’ needs in the market and accomplishing strong results each year while laying the foundations for future success – all during the two-year global pandemic.

The​ “Best​ Domestic​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2021”​ award​ is​ bestowed​ on​ ABA​ Bank​ by​ Asiamoney,​ the​ regional​ arm​ of​ the​ international​ financial​ magazine​ Euromoney.​ The​ title​ signifies​ ABA's​ position​ as​ a​ well-rounded​ leader​ in​ the​ country’s​ banking​ and​ finance​ industry.​ The​ experts​ praise​ ABA​ for​ its​ strategic​ focus​ on​ innovations,​ standout​ position​ in​ the​ local​ market,​ the​ boost​ of​ the​ local​ eCommerce​ sector,​ and​ efforts​ to​ meet​ its​ customers’​ needs​ –​ all​ in​ the​ context​ of​ the​ Covid​ pandemic.

Bank​ of​ the​ Year​ 2021​ in​ Cambodia​ by​ The​ Banker,​ the​ world’s​ premier​ financial​ magazine.​ The​ award​ recognizes​ ABA​ Bank's​ strategic​ focus​ on​ innovative​ technologies​ and​ digital​ products​ and​ services,​ significant​ efforts​ to​ increase​ financial​ inclusion,​ and​ solid​ growth​ in​ the​ market.

ABA​ Bank​ is​ named​ the​ “Domestic​ Retail​ Bank​ of​ the​ Year​ in​ Cambodia”​ at​ the​ Asian​ Banking​ and​ Finance​ magazine’s​ Retail​ Banking​ Awards​ 2021​ for​ its​ improvement​ of​ digital​ banking​ platform​ used​ to​ serve​ customers​ as​ well​ as​ its​ network​ expansion​ in​ 2020.

“Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2021”​ title​ by​ the​ Euromoney​ magazine.​ The​ eighth​ consecutive​ award​ recognizes​ the​ Bank’s​ leadership​ in​ digital​ finances​ initiatives,​ advancement​ of​ its​ mobile​ banking​ app,​ expansion​ of​ its​ self-banking​ network,​ and​ other​ important​ accomplishments.

The seventh consecutive “Best Bank in Cambodia” accolade from the Global Finance magazine. This top honor is given based on objective evaluation of ABA in a variety of factors including innovation in products, growth in assets and profitability, geographic reach, as well as on subjective criteria such as opinions from equity analysts, credit rating analysts, and others involved in the industry around the world.

“Best Digital Bank in Cambodia 2020” award from Asiamoney, regional arm of the international financial magazine Euromoney. The title from Asiamoney marks the excellence of ABA's digital platform for the second year in a row. The experts recognize ABA Bank's digital banking platform helped it acquire, understand, and serve its customers. ABA Mobile recorded in 2020 more than 100 million transactions with a total volume of nearly $59 billion

The​ seventh​ consecutive​ "Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia"​ title​ from​ Euromoney.​ ABA​ was​ praised​ for​ the​ digital​ business​ transformation,​ modernization​ of​ its​ ABA​ Mobile​ app,​ as​ well​ as​ expansion​ of​ the​ physical​ footprint​ and​ other​ major​ achievements​ over​ the​ past​ 12​ months.

The sixth successive “Best Bank in Cambodia” award by Global Finance magazine. The top-level award is given for attending carefully to the customers’ needs and accomplishing better results while laying the foundations for future success. The objective criteria to bestow the award included innovation in products and services, strategic relationships, new business development, profitability, and geographic reach.

AsiaMoney​ Award​ page Best​ Digital​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2019​ award​ from​ Asiamoney,​ regional​ arm​ of​ Euromoney,​ the​ international​ financial​ magazine.​ The​ award​ is​ bestowed​ on​ ABA​ for​ its​ digital​ dominance​ unparalleled​ in​ the​ sector,​ expanding​ reach,​ and​ strong​ support​ from​ its​ shareholder,​ National​ Bank​ of​ Canada.

Bank of the Year 2019 in Cambodia by The Banker, the world’s premier financial magazine. The award recognizes ABA Bank's strategic focus on technologies, significant enhancement of ABA Mobile banking app, ambitious network expansion, and success of the Bank’s eCommerce solution, PayWay, in the market.

The​ sixth​ consecutive​ “Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia”​ title​ from​ Euromoney.​ The​ 2019​ award​ praises​ the​ ABA’s​ advanced​ digital​ banking​ solutions,​ promotion​ of​ cashless​ payments​ and​ e-commerce,​ solid​ expansion,​ and​ remarkable​ growth.

The fifth consecutive “Best Bank in Cambodia” award of ABA by Global Finance magazine. The publication ascribed ABA’s triumph to its vigilant attendance to fulfill the customers’ needs in a competitive market and better accomplishment with solid foundations for the future success.

Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2018​ award​ from​ Euromoney​ magazine.​ The​ fifth​ consecutive​ title​ from​ the​ international​ publication​ is​ based​ on​ the​ stable​ financial​ parameters,​ support​ from​ National​ Bank​ of​ Canada​ in​ guiding​ best​ practice,​ risk​ and​ cybersecurity​ management​ strategies,​ as​ well​ as​ strong​ focus​ of​ ABA​ on​ digitalization​ of​ its​ products​ and​ services.

ABA​ Bank​ remains​ “The​ Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia”​ in​ 2018​ by​ Global​ Finance​ magazine.​ This​ recognition​ is based​ on​ objective​ evaluation​ of​ the​ Bank’s​ growth​ in​ assets,​ profitability,​ geographic​ coverage,​ strategic​ relationships,​ new​ business​ development,​ and​ innovation​ in​ products.

"Best Trade Finance Provider 2018" in Cambodia by Global Finance magazine. The criteria for choosing the winners included: transaction volume, scope of global coverage, customer service, and competitive pricing and innovative technologies.

ABA Bank takes another step forward after being named the “Best Bank in Cambodia 2017” by Euromoney magazine for the fourth consecutive year. The magazine praised ABA Bank for enhancement of its operations, outstanding growth of its branch network over the year, as well as continuous commitment to raising the standards of customer experience through its digital banking strategy.

ABA Bank keeps unbeaten record and retains “The Best Bank in Cambodia” title in 2017. The third consecutive award was bestowed by Global Finance magazine for the growth in assets, stable profitability, strategic relationships, and innovation in products.

"Best Trade Finance Provider 2017" in Cambodia by Global Finance magazine. The criteria for choosing the winners included: transaction volume, scope of global coverage, customer service, and competitive pricing and innovative technologies.

Bank of the Year 2016 in Cambodia by world’s premier financial magazine The Banker owned by Financial Times Group. The award recognizes ABA's financial​ strength,​ continuous​ introduction​ of​ innovative​ products,​ and​ the​ best​ business​ practices.

Best Bank in Cambodia 2016 title by Euromoney magazine. The third consecutive award from the magazine since 2014 distinguishes the Bank's efforts in customer service, outstanding financial performance and increase of stake of National Bank of Canada in ABA as a vote of confidence.

Best Bank in Cambodia 2016 by Global Finance magazine. The top honor – the second consecutive award given to the bank by the magazine – was bestowed on ABA for the straightforward implementation of its strategy, strong operating results, as well as continuous improvement of its service quality.

Best Bank in Cambodia 2015 title by Euromoney magazine. The second award given to the bank by the magazine since 2014 rests on successful launch of new products, improved quality of service, establishment of trusted relations with international financial institutions, and further development of a risk management system.

Best Emerging Markets Bank in Cambodia 2015 by Global Finance magazine. This award recognizes the commitment of ABA’s team to provide its clients with the tailor-made products and innovative financial solutions. The editorial judges at Global Finance chose ABA as the country’s winner based on such criteria as significant growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships, customer service, and launch of innovative products.

Bank of the Year 2014 in Cambodia by world’s premier financial magazine The Banker owned by Financial Times Group. The award recognizes ABA Bank’s efforts for providing innovative solutions to meet the clients’ needs, as well as demonstrating high-class service standards and growth in assets and market share.

Best Bank in Cambodia for 2014 award by Euromoney financial magazine. This is the first such award that Euromoney has bestowed on a bank in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Euromoney awards are considered to be given to institutions that demonstrate high service quality, innovation, and momentum in the markets where they excel.

Performance Excellence Award from Standard Chartered Bank for excellent Straight Through Processing (STP) rate in USD payment in 2013.The award is given to the selected banks, which manage to be precise and accurate in terms of processing payments via SCB as its correspondent bank.

Cambodia’s Domestic Technology and Operation Bank of the Year by Asian Banking and Finance magazine (Singapore). ABA Bank was credited to receive the award for improvements in the IT-system and implementation of cash-in machines, which allow clients to replenish their deposit accounts or repay loans with cash 24/7.

Cambodia’s Domestic Technology and Operation Bank of the Year by Asian Banking and Finance magazine (Singapore). ABA Bank received the award for its continuous work on the innovation and development of technologically improved services to better serve its customers and to maintain their loyalty.

Cambodian Retail Bank of the Year by Asian Banking and Finance magazine (Singapore). This Award given based on ABA Bank’s commitment to deploying advanced banking technologies (iBanking) for the benefit of its customers.