Why ABA Mobile?

Android and iOS

Redefined performance on
Android and iOS devices

High Security

Stay protected and enjoy
banking at zero risk

Free Download

Get the app for free and turn
your phone into a bank

24/7 Banking

Get access to your funds
around the clock

Protected by Worlds Best Security Providers

Latest Features

Instant Account
Open your first ABA account right through ABA Mobile in a few minutes. No paperwork, no branch visits and no queues

Special Account Number
Make your bank account number a special one! Own a bank account that looks like your phone number, car plate number or simply your lucky number

Enjoy​ cashless​ payments​
Use​ your​ smartphone​ to​ start​ paying​ at​ shops,​ restaurants​ or​ even​ online.​ Scan​ and​ pay​ with​ ABA​ PAY!​​

Send money globally
Simply launch ABA Mobile on your smartphone and transfer funds abroad without visiting ABA branch!

Open deposit accounts
Your financial future starts now at the touch of a button; open Fixed Deposit, Flexi Deposit or Savings account straight in your phone

Standard Features

Check Balance
See your accounts balance
with the flick of a switch

Pay Your Bills
Pay bills without commission
straight away from your phone

Send Money to Anyone
Transfer funds to any ABA
account with ease in seconds

Get Instant Push Notifications
Always stay informed on
your finance

Make Cardless Cash Withdrawals
Send money to province,
even to those without a bank account.

Top Up Any Mobile
Enjoy PINless recharge at your
fingertips or buy codes for future top-up

Create Useful Templates
Save time by adding favorite
transactions to the Templates list

Protect Your Funds
Activate Fingerprint or Face ID
to provide extra protection to your funds.

Get the App

Click the icon below to download the application from Apple's App store, Google's Play Store or Huawei's AppGallery. After downloading, simply follow the screen instructions to start mobile banking!


Contact​ us​ instantly​ without​ leaving​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ by​ tapping​ the​ Contact​ Us​ button​ on​ the​ app’s​ main​ screen.​ Additionally,​ you​ can​ chat​ with​ us​ via​ Facebook​ Messenger,​ on​ our​ website​ or​ call​ us​ 24/7​ hotline​ at​ 098 203 203.

Android OS 5.0 / iOS 11.3 or higher is compatible with our application.
Yes, it is. Without it, you will not be able to download the application and perform operations.
ABA Bank offers Mobile app free to all of its customers. You can download and use it without any charges by the Bank. At the same time, we charge certain fee for providing the Security Token that gives you more security when making outward transactions. Please ask our staff for details.Your mobile operator also charges you for Internet connection/data transfer. Please check with your operator for details.
In order to login, you have to be a client of ABA Bank. If you already have an ABA card and registered mobile phone number with us, just download the application from your app store and follow the screen instructions to start banking with ABA.
If you are an ABA client, but don't have a card, take your iPhone or Android smartphone and visit the nearest ABA Bank branch to apply for the service. Our staff will guide you through the registration process.
There are two possible reasons for that:
  1. The phone number which you are using to register the application doesn't match the phone number you registered with ABA Bank earlier. Please, make sure you are using the same phone number as you registered with the Bank before.
  2. Your mobile operator's network is busy. Please, try to process the registration later.
Yes, it does. During the registration, please type in the last four digits of your registered Cambodian phone number, disregarding the actual length of the number. The app needs only the last four digits.
Yes, you can use it everywhere as long as you have Internet connection.
Currently, all ABA Bank clients who have active accounts (except for Fixed Deposit accounts, joint accounts and corporate accounts) are eligible to use the application.
No, due to security reasons you can login to your account from one device only.
You can simply re-launch ABA Mobile app and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been executed.
In case you want to use ABA Mobile app on your new device, you need to re-download the application on your new device. Follow the set of download instructions for this and continue banking.If you change the phone number, please inform the Bank immediately!
Your accounts are still safe if you lose your phone as you need a User ID and PIN to use this application. Please, report the loss of mobile phone to the Bank immediately, so that we can deactivate access to your account to keep it 100% safe.
To terminate this service, you need to first unsubscribe from ABA Mobile (free of charge) and then delete the application from the device.