Vision, Mission, Values


The vision of our Bank is to be the country’s number one supplier of dependable, easy-to-use, technologically advanced and easily accessible banking services.
We want to be the bank that Cambodians trust to take care of all their personal and business banking needs.


Our mission is to help Cambodia, Cambodian businesses and people to build a bigger and brighter future by providing highly professional, technologically-advanced banking services for all.
We see ourselves as working in partnership with the Cambodian community as well as with private businesses and individuals. We are here to serve Cambodia.


Our values form the cornerstone of our business. We believe in the importance of:

Honesty and respect – At ABA we make it our responsibility to treat each and every customer with honesty and respect.

Trust and partnership – At ABA we are there to offer help and assistance. We see ourselves as partners that our customers can always trust.

Service quality – At ABA, we strive to find solutions to all banking needs of our customers. Our aim is to provide the most technologically advanced and reliable banking services to all our customers – be they personal or business account holders.

Contributing – At ABA we aim to make a positive contribution to Cambodia. We want to play a beneficial role in the lives of our customers as well as for the future of the country as a whole.

Sustainability and growth - At ABA we are always thinking about the future of our Bank, the Cambodian people and the country. We show the same level of commitment to our staff as we do to our customers. It is with this approach that we ensure the sustainable growth of the Bank.

Ethics and morals - At ABA we take our social responsibility seriously. We apply the highest ethical and moral standards to each and every thing that we do – inside and outside the Bank. It is these homegrown principles that form the basis of every relationship, with the customers and communities we serve as well as with our staff.