Customs and Duty Taxes

ABA Bank was appointed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance to accept tax payments on behalf of the General Department of Customs and Excise (GDCE). It enables customs brokers and declarants to pay their customs and duty taxes easily with ABA Pay on the GDCE website, ABA Mobile, ABA Business, and at ABA branches.

Why pay your taxes with ABA?

  • ​Enjoy zero commission charge
  • ​Pay cashless directly from Your ABA Accounts
  • ​Enjoy remote payments with ABA Mobile, ABA Pay, and ABA Business
  • ​No bank counter visit for Debit Advice/Credit Advice for online payment/E-Payment
  • Save time and pay securely
  • Pay Customs and Duty Taxes at ABA Branches across the country

How​ it​ works

Payment with ABA Mobile

  1. Launch your ABA Mobile
  2. Tap Payments
  3. Select Government Services
  4. Scroll down and tap General Department of Customs and Excise
  5. Select your account, enter Advice No./GDCE account number, and tap PAY NOW

Please visit here for the GDCE Accounts:

Payment​ through​ ABA​ Business​ online​ banking​ platform

By Advice ID (E-Payment)

  1. Log​ in​ to​ your​ ABA​ Business​
  2. Go to Bill Payments and then Tax and Duty Payment
  3. Select​ your​ source​ account​ and​ then​ General​ Department​ of​ Customs​ and​ Excise
  4. Key​ in​ your​ Advice​ Number​ and​ click​ Next​
  5. Enter​ your​ OTP,​ click​ Submit,​ and​ inform​ your​ authorizer​ to​ approve​ the​ instructions
  6. Go​ to​ Account​ and​ export​ the​ transaction​ statement

By Account to Account Transfer

  1. Log in to your ABA Business
  2. Go to Bill Payments and then Tax and Duty Payment
  3. Select your source account and then General Department of Customs and Excise
  4. Input the GDCE account number and amount and remarks if any then click Next
  5. Enter your OTP, click Submit, and inform your authorizer to approve the instructions

Please visit here for the GDCE Accounts:

Payment​ with​ ABA​ PAY​ on​ the​ GDCE​ website​ (e-Payment)

  1. Go​ to​ the​ GDCE​ website​
  2. Log​ in​ (username​ and​ password)
  3. Click E-Payment and Select Advice ID
  4. Click​ Pay​ and​ verify​ payment​ details
  5. Select​ ABA​ PAY​ and​ scan​ to​ pay​ with​ ABA​ Mobile

Payment at ABA Branches

  1. Visit any nearest ABA Bank branch,
  2. Go to the dedicated Tax Collection counter,
  3. Provide the customs payment information/documents if any,
  4. Fill in a Bank Operational Slip,
  5. Inform the bank teller about your service request.

Tax Collection Hours at ABA Branches

  • Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM for weekday branches (except public holiday)
  • Monday to Sunday, 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM for 12/7 branches (except public holiday)

We accept payments in Khmer riels only. Payments in USD will be converted to Khmer riels at the ABA's exchange rate.

If you have questions or need further assistance and information, please call us at 1 800 203 203.