TrueMoney Network

We partnered with TrueMoney to offer our customers convenient account replenishment and loan repayment service. From 1 September 2023 - 31 December 2024, we waive the 2,000 - 5,000 KHR (or 0.50 - 1.25 USD) fees for cash deposits made at any TrueMoney agent across the country.

Visit your nearest TrueMoney agent and top up ABA accounts for free!

Easy steps to cash-in funds to your ABA account at TrueMoney agent

Go to any nearest TrueMoney Agent with cash in USD or KHR. You can find the exact locations by calling TrueMoney at 023 999 639.

For the ABA Mobile app users

  1. Open your ABA Mobile and tap on the ABA QR icon in the main screen’s top right corner.
  2. Let the TrueMoney agent scan your ABA QR code.
  3. Provide TrueMoney Agent with the required amount in USD or KHR and confirm the transaction details with agent.
  4. Fund-in successful! Check your ABA Mobile for a notification and get the receipt from the TrueMoney agent.

For Non-App Users

  1. Provide TrueMoney Agent with your 9-digit ABA account number and the required amount in USD or KHR.
  2. Double-check the transaction details with the TrueMoney agent before proceeding.
  3. Done! You will receive the receipt from TrueMoney Agent along with the SMS confirmation of the successful transaction.

The fees for transferring funds to ABA bank account through TrueMoney agent network in USD and KHR are as follows:

Transfers in USD

AmountFeeDaily limit
1 - 5000.50 FREE



500.01 – 1,0000.75 FREE
1,000.01 – 2,500 1.25 FREE

Transfers in KHR

AmountFeeDaily limit
4,000 – 2 million2,000 FREE

10 million/transaction

40 million/day

2,000,100 – 4 million3,000 FREE
4,000,100 –10 million5,000 FREE
It​ is​ the​ service​ integration​ between​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ TrueMoney​ that​ allows​ ABA​ customers​ process​ their​ loan​ repayment​ with​ ABA​ Bank​ via​ any​ TrueMoney’s​ agent​ across​ the​ country.​
You​ can​ cash-in​ necessary​ amount​ of​ money​ at​ any​ TrueMoney​ agent​ which​ is​ close​ to​ you​ or​ your​ place​ of​ business.​ After​ the​ successful​ transaction,​ the​ money​ will​ be​ immediately​ deposited​ to​ your​ loan​ repayment​ account​ in​ ABA.
Provide the required amount of cash (in USD or KHR) to the TrueMoney agent. Then, open your ABA Mobile app, tap on the ABA QR icon, and let the TrueMoney agent scan your ABA QR code. The fees for cash deposits at TrueMoney agents are currently waived until further notice.
In​ order​ to​ get​ the​ most​ updated​ information​ on​ TrueMoney​ agents,​ please​ call​ TrueMoney​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 023​ 999​ 639.​
You​ need​ to​ inform​ the​ agent​ about​ it​ immediately,​ so​ the​ agent​ could​ contact​ TrueMoney​ Contact​ Center​ to​ start​ the​ reversal​ procedure.​Note:​ TrueMoney​ agent​ will​ always​ double-check​ the​ information​ with​ you​ before​ confirming​ the​ payment.​ So,​ please​ check​ it​ carefully​ and​ ask​ agent​ to​ correct​ your​ account​ number​ immediately​ if​ you​ find​ it​ wrong.​ Please​ always​ keep​ a​ receipt​ from​ the​ agent​ for​ your​ reference.​
In​ such​ case,​ please​ send​ the​ photo​ of​ your​ receipt​ to​ ABA​ loan​ officer​ by​ any​ means​ such​ as​ social​ media​ channel​ for​ their​ reference.​ Alternatively,​ you​ can​ call​ TrueMoney​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 023​ 999​ 639​ for​ support.​
The​ fee​ depends​ on​ the​ amount​ you​ transfer.​ Please​ check​ the​ Transfer​ Fees​ table​ for​ details.​Note:​ The​ processing​ fee​ must​ be​ paid​ separately​ from​ the​ amount​ you​ wish​ to​ deposit​ to​ your​ ABA​ Bank​ account.
It​ is​ 1​ –​ 2,500​ USD​ or​ 4,000​ –​ 10,000,000​ KHR​ per​ transaction.

Get ABA Mobile app

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