Fixed Deposit

Make your money work hard for you and know exactly what you’ll get. Choose a term deposit between 1 to 36 months on your Fixed Deposit Account and earn interest at competitive rates.

For a limited period of time, enjoy our higher promotional interest rates for Fixed Deposits in KHR and USD!

Interest rate (p.a.)1 at maturity in KHR

Corporates Financial Inst. Government Inst.
1 3.00%
3 4.75%
0.75% 4.75%
6 6.25%
1.50% 6.25%
12 7.50%
2.50% 7.50%
24 7.75%
N/A 7.75%
36 8.00%
N/A 8.00%
48 8.50%
N/A 8.50%
60 9.00%
N/A 9.00%

Interest rate (p.a.) at maturity in USD

Corporates Financial Inst. Government Inst.
1 1.75%
Upon request 1.75%
3 2.50%
Upon request 2.50%
6 4.00%
Upon request 4.00%
12 5.50%
Upon request 5.50%
24 5.75%
Upon request 5.75%
36 6.00%
Upon request 6.00%


Currency USDKHR
Minimum initial deposit100 400,000
Withdrawals2Not allowed for partial withdrawal
ReplenishmentOpen new account for new deposit
Rollover conditions
at Maturity
  • Principal only
  • Principal and interest
  • Close on maturity
Interest payment3
  • Monthly interest payment for Financial Inst. only; or
  • On the maturity date of Fixed Deposit; or
  • Upon account closure
Service feesMonthly account serviceFree
ABA BusinessRefer to ABA Business T&C here
Fixed Deposit certificate4Free
Certify account balanceUSD10 / ៛40,000 / piece
Audit confirmationUSD 10 / ៛40,000 / time
Access to account
  • ABA Bank branches
  • ABA Business

Free issuance and annual maintenance fees of Credit Card for primary holder with below conditions:

  • Mastercard Credit Standard/Visa Credit Classic: customers shall maintain deposit balance of USD3,000 - 5,000 as security. The customer can choose credit limit from USD500 - 4,500 or up to 90% of security deposit.
  • Visa Platinum Lite: customer shall maintain deposit balance from USD5,001 or more as security. The customer can choose credit limit from USD1,000 to USD12,500 or 90% of security limit (whichever limit is lower).

All Terms and Conditions are subject to ABA Bank’s sole discretion without prior notice.

1 Interest rates are subject to change at the Bank's sole discretion without prior notice to clients.
2 Conditions for pre-maturity withdrawal:

  • Individual & Corporate: Interest rate of Savings account is applied. For Fixed Deposit with monthly interest payment, clients must return back all the paid interest including withholding tax to the Bank.
  • Financial institution: No interest rate provided.
  • Customers are required to return Fixed Deposit Certificate and any given account facilities to the Bank.

3 Interest rate is accrued at 365 (three hundred sixty five) days a year, considering actual quantity of days a month.
4 USD5 / ៛20,000 fee is applied for re-issuing a Fixed Deposit Certificate.


  • Earn high return on your money for a fixed term without impact of movement of interest rates in the market;
  • Have high flexibility to manage both principal and interest received by setting standing order instruction to (i) close on maturity, (ii) renew only principal or (iii) renew both principal and interest;
  • Get a free Credit Card for a minimum deposit balance of USD 3,000 or more (terms and conditions apply).


To open a corporate account, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Original and latest Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) signed by all directors of the Company.
  • Certificate of Commercial Registration / Incorporation issued by Ministry of Commerce or a printed version of Certificate of Registration with QR code.
  • Original Board of Directors Resolution to appoint signatory(ies) and account mandate.
  • Original and valid National ID or Passport of all Shareholders and Directors.
  • Original and valid National ID or Passport of all Authorized Signatory(ies).
  • Business Tax Patent (if applicable).
  • Business License issued by relevant ministry and/or authority (if applicable).
  • Letter of Approval from relevant ministry or authority (if applicable).
  • Sample of Board of Director Resolution (please use company’s letterhead and incorporate the content in the sample Board of Director Resolution where applicable).

And, fill in the following forms:

Additional requirements:

  • Company seal to be appended on Board of Director Resolution and other relevant documents (where applicable).
  • Customer is required to disclose Tax Registration number (TRN) or Tax Identification number (TIN) where applicable.
  • Authorized Signatory(ies) is/are required to be present at the Bank or in front of a Bank staff.

- Account for Financial Institutions: Requirements may differ, please contact our branch for more information.
- In addition to the required documents for account opening above, customers shall also comply with the Bank's onboarding policies and processes before the account opening.

The​ requirements​ for​ amending​ corporate​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account​ are;

The​ documents​ requirement

  • Original​ Memorandum​ and​ Article​ of​ Association​ (if​ any​ update)​
  • Original​ Board​ of​ Directors​ Resolution​ for​ account​ amendment​ (if​ add,​ remove​ signatory(ies)​ or​ change​ account​ mandate)
  • Original​ Board​ of​ Directors​ Resolution​ for​ ABA Business​ Amendment​ (if​ there​ is​ change​ of​ authorizer​ in​ ABA Business​)​
  • Certificate​ of​ Commercial​ Registration​ /​ Incorporation​ issued​ by​ Ministry​ of​ Commerce​ or​ a​ printed​ version​ of​ Certificate​ of​ Registration​ with​ QR​ code​ (if​ any​ update)
  • Original​ and​ valid​ National​ ID​ or​ Passport​ of​ new​ Shareholder(s)​ and​ Director(s)
  • Original​ and​ valid​ National​ ID​ or​ Passport​ of​ new​ Authorized​ Signatory (ies).

Other​ requirements​ you​ may​ need​ to​ take​ note

  • Company’s​ seal​ is​ to​ be​ appended​ on​ Board​ of​ Director​ Resolution​ or​ any​ relevant​ documents.
  • All​ signatory(ies)​ is/are​ required​ to​ present​ at​ Bank’s​ counter​ or​ in​ front​ of​ Bank​ staff.
  • Corporate​ Card​ that​ belongs​ to​ the​ removed​ signatory(ies)​ must​ be​ returned​ to​ the​ bank.
  • Corporate​ Card​ linked​ to​ Corporate​ Account​ is​ to​ be​ returned​ to​ bank​ if​ account​ mandate​ change​ to​ other​ rather​ than​ “Anyone​ to​ Sign”.


  • Financial​ Institution:​ The​ requirements​ may​ differ,​ please​ contacts​ our​ branch​ for​ more​ information.
  • Customer​ will​ need​ to​ pass​ the​ bank’s​ onboarding’s​ process​ before​ account​ amendment.