Fees and Commissions

Below you can find our main fees and commissions on Trade finance facilities.

Should you have any questions or need any advice please contact our International Team using one of the following contacts:

Issuance (under cash cover)0.1% p.m., min. US$ 25, max. US$ 250.
Plus cable fee US$ 40
Issuance (under credit limit)0.12% p.m., min. US$ 50. Plus cable fee US$ 40
Amendment of amount and expiry date0.125%, min. US$ 40 each
All other amendmentsUS$ 35 each
CancellationUS$ 45
Acceptance (Usance Bill)0.12% p.m, min. US$ 30
SettlementUS$ 25
ReimbursementUS$ 40 from proceeds
DiscrepanciesUS$ 50 each (deducted from proceeds)
Advising LCUS$ 45
Confirmation commission
(under cash cover)
0.1% p.m., min. US$ 50, max. US$ 250
Confirmation commission
(under credit limit)
By agreement
Acceptance (Usance Bill)0.125% p.m, min. US$ 25 
Discrepancies US$ 30 each
Documents examination / Negotiation0.20% min. US$ 50
Transfer0.125% min. US$ 50
Outward CollectionUS$ 50 + actual postal charges
Collection Fee0.125%, Min. US$ 40
ProtestUS$ 50
Inward Collection0.125%, min. US$ 40
Settlement CollectionUS$ 20
ProtestUS$ 50
Shipping Guarantee under LCUS$ 50 per month
Guarantee Issuance
(under cash cover)
0.1% p.m., min. US$ 25, max. US$ 250
Guarantee Issuance 
(under credit limit)
0.125% p.m., min. US$ 40
Guarantee Amendment of amount and expiry date0.125%, min. US$ 40 each
All other Guarantee AmendmentsUS$ 35 each
Guarantee Cancellation Requested by applicantUS$ 50
Payment of claim/ drawing
(deducted from beneficiary)
0.1%, min. US$ 100

Same fees are applied for Stand-by Letters of Credit (SBLC)

Postal and courier servicesActual fees
Contract / LC / Bank Guarantee draftingUS$ 100
Foreign bank's confirmation (indicative only, subject to revision from time to time)0.5% for 90 days period
Searching for international buyers / sellers0.1% of the contract amount in case of success (success fee)