Transfer to Thailand

Need​ to​ send​ money​ in​ Thai​ Baht​ to​ Thailand?​ Whether​ supporting​ your​ loved​ ones​ or​ sending​ funds​ to​ partners,​ ABA​ Mobile​ puts​ Thailand​ instantly​ within​ reach.

No​ late-night​ agent​ hunts,​ paperwork,​ or​ waiting​ days​ for​ funds​ to​ arrive.​ Under​ our​ collaboration​ with​ Kaksikorn​ Bank​ Thailand,​ you​ will​ experience​ the​ speed,​ ease,​ and​ security​ of​ sending​ funds​ from​ your​ ABA​ Bank​ account​ to​ your​ preferred​ Thai​ bank​ anytime​ and​ anywhere​ using​ ABA​ Mobile.

It's​ simple,​ instant,​ and​ cost-effective!

Why​ choose​ ABA​ Mobile​ for​ your​ funds​ transfer​ to​ Thailand?

24/7​ Accessibility:​ Send​ money​ anytime​ and​ from​ anywhere​ with​ a​ few​ taps​ on​ ABA​ Mobile.

Instant​ Magic:​ Funds​ reach​ Thailand​ in​ real-time,​ surprising​ your​ loved​ ones​ with​ instant​ joy​ or​ saving​ your​ business​ partner's​ day!

Send​ in​ Thai​ Baht:​ Send​ Thai​ Baht​ directly​ from​ your​ USD​ account,​ ensuring​ your​ recipient​ receives​ the​ exact​ Baht​ amount​ you​ send​ without​ any​ conversion​ hassles1.

No​ hidden​ costs​ and​ deductions:​ See​ our​ competitive​ rates​ and​ transparent​ fees​ before​ you​ tap​ Transfer.

1 If​ the​ recipient​ bank​ in​ Thailand​ rejects​ the​ transfer,​ rest​ assured,​ the​ full​ amount​ will​ be​ returned​ to​ your​ ABA​ account​ in​ USD.

How​ it​ works?

  • Tap​ Transfers​ on​ the​ ABA​ Mobile's​ main​ screen;
  • Choose​ International​ Transfers​ and​ select​ Transfer​ to​ Thailand;
  • Pick​ your​ ABA​ account​ and​ enter​ all​ relevant​ information​ for​ the​ transaction;
  • ​Read​ and​ agree​ to​ the​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ of​ the​ service;
  • ​Tap​ Transfer​ and​ confirm​ the​ transaction​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.

Transfer​ Fees

Mode​ of​ Transfer​Amount​ in​ USD Equivalent​​Fees​ (USD)
To​ Bank​ Account​0.01 – 1,5005
1,500 – 10,000​15
More​ than​ 10,000​0.15%,​ minimum​ $15

Transfer​ Limits

To​ Kasikorn​ Bank​ account

  • ​Minimum​ per​ day:​ 100.00​ THB
  • Maximum​ per​ day:​ 2,000,000.00​ THB​

To​ accounts​ of​ other​ participating​ Thai​ banks

  • Minimum​ per​ day:​ 100.00​ THB
  • Maximum​ per​ day:​ 49,999.99​ THB

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Need​ Help?​

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​"Transfer​ to​ Thailand"​ is​ a​ direct​ outward​ transfer​ service​ provided​ by​ ABA​ Bank,​ enabling​ seamless​ transfers​ to​ Kasikorn​ Bank​ (KBank)​ and​ other​ participating​ Thai​ banks.​ This​ service​ ensures​ efficient​ fund​ transfers​ directly​ from​ your​ ABA​ account​ to​ various​ banks​ in​ Thailand​ in​ Thai​ Baht.
The​ transfer​ limits​ vary​ based​ on​ the​ beneficiary's​ bank:
  • Kasikorn​ Bank​ (Kbank):​ The​ transfer​ amount​ is​ from​ 100​ THB​ to​ 2,000,000​ THB​ per​ transaction.
  • Other​ participating​ banks:​ The​ transfer​ amount​ is​ between​ 100​ THB​ to​ 49,999.99​ THB​ per​ transaction​ per​ day.
The​ monthly​ limit​ is​ determined​ by​ the​ receiver's​ bank.​ Please​ check​ with​ the​ respective​ bank​ for​ information​ on​ their​ specific​ monthly​ transfer​ limits.
ABA​ will​ return​ only​ the​ transferred​ amount​ upon​ receiving​ it​ from​ Kaksikorn​ Bank;​ the​ transfer​ fee​ cannot​ be​ returned.
The​ funds​ will​ be​ credited​ directly​ to​ the​ beneficiary’s​ bank​ account​ in​ Thai​ Baht.​
Once​ the​ transaction​ has​ been​ successfully​ submitted,​ it​ cannot​ be​ amended​ or​ cancelled.​ For​ further​ assistance,​ please​ contact​ us​ at​ [email protected].
This​ service​ is​ applicable​ for​ USD​ accounts​ only.
​There​ are​ many​ banks​ in​ Thailand​ that​ you​ can​ directly​ transfer​ funds​ to​ with​ our​ service.​ You​ will​ be​ able​ to​ use​ the​ search​ function​ when​ you​ initiate​ a​ fund​ transfer​ to​ Thailand​ via​ this​ service​ in​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ choose​ the​ bank​ that​ fits​ your​ receiver.​
ABA​ Mobile​ ensures​ seamless​ transfers.​ The​ fund​ will​ be​ credited​ directly​ to​ the​ beneficiary’s​ bank​ account​ instantly​ or​ on​ the​ next​ business​ day​ (subject​ to​ receiver​ bank’s​ rules).​ 
ABA​ Mobile​ is​ the​ only​ available​ channel​ for​ you​ to​ make​ a​ direct​ fund​ transfer​ to​ Thailand​ via​ this​ service.
​The​ transactions​ may​ be​ rejected​ due​ to:
  1. ​Exceeding​ the​ transfer​ limit.
  2. ​Insufficient​ information​ about​ the​ recipient.
  3. Transaction​ cannot​ be​ processed​ due​ to​ the​ ABA​ Bank’s​ money​ transfer​ policy.
In​ case​ of​ a​ rejected​ transaction,​ please​ contact​ us​ at​ [email protected]​ for​ further​ assistance.​ Our​ support​ team​ is​ ready​ to​ help​ resolve​ any​ issues​ you​ may​ encounter.
Yes,​ you​ can​ transfer​ funds​ to​ either​ individuals​ or​ companies​ in​ Thailand​ with​ this​ service.
No,​ this​ service​ is​ only​ applicable​ for​ individual​ use​ through​ ABA​ Mobile.​ ABA​ offers​ a​ range​ of​ business​ solutions​ for​ corporate​ transactions.​ Explore​ our​ diverse​ options​ for​ your​ business​ needs.
The​ Transaction​ currency​ will​ only​ be​ in​ Thai​ Baht​ (THB),​ and​ you​ can​ initiate​ the​ transfer​ directly​ from​ your​ ABA​ account​ in​ USD.​ You​ will​ be​ able​ to​ send​ the​ exact​ amount​ in​ THB​ and​ check​ the​ amount​ in​ USD​ you​ will​ be​ deducted​ before​ you​ finish​ the​ transaction.
With​ ABA​ Mobile,​ you​ can​ transfer​ funds​ to​ Thailand​ at​ any​ time​ of​ the​ day.​ The​ recipient​ can​ access​ the​ funds​ immediately,​ depending​ on​ the​ operating​ hours​ of​ their​ bank​ or​ their​ preferred​ method​ of​ account​ access.
Absolutely!​ We've​ made​ it​ easy​ for​ you​ to​ streamline​ your​ future​ transfers.​ Save​ your​ transaction​ details​ as​ a​ template​ for​ easier​ transfers​ by​ using​ the​ toggle​ when​ initiating​ your​ first​ transfer,​ or​ schedule​ transfers​ to​ provide​ regular​ support​ to​ your​ loved​ ones​ using​ the​ Schedules​ function​ on​ the​ app’s​ main​ screen.​

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These terms and conditions are an Agreement between you (“the Applicant”), and Advanced Bank of Asia Limited (“the Bank”) on money transfers.

  1. The Applicant confirms that the provided information is true and correct and the Bank is not responsible for any delays, errors and omissions caused by misprinting and/or inaccuracy of the Applicant.
  2. The Applicant undertakes that his/her username, PIN code, passwords and all other credentials necessary for using of ABA Bank mobile application, were not disclosed to third parties.
  3. The Applicant confirms that he/she is using ABA Bank mobile application for his/her own transactions only and does not conduct any transactions on behalf of third parties.
  4. The Applicant authorizes the Bank to debit his/her account for the transfer amount and amount of commissions and fees.
  5. The Applicant understands and confirms that the Bank will apply its internal currency exchange rate to process money transfer in foreign currency.
  6. The Applicant authorizes the Bank to postpone, suspend or cancel the money transfer if the Bank or correspondent bank found that it may be related to unlawful conduct and/or breach of any national or international laws or regulations.
  7. The Applicant undertakes that the money transfer is not related to any illegal activities and/or money laundering and/or terrorism finance. The Bank has the right to reject or suspend any transfer if required for its AML/KYC purposes.
  8. The Applicant indemnifies the Bank for any claims, losses or objections if his/her transaction is blocked or rejected by correspondent or beneficiary bank in relation to any international sanctions or restrictions.
  9. The Applicant undertakes to timely provide additional information and/or documents related to the money transfer if requested by the Bank and understands that this information and/or documents may be disclosed to correspondent banks for purposes of AML/CFT.
  10. 10.The Bank may change its fees and commissions as well as these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  11. The Bank may disclose the Applicant information and the money transfer information to third parties in accordance with the legislation of the Kingdom of Cambodia including, but not limited by, court decisions, investigations and regulations, and requests of correspondent banks in the context of AML/CFT.
  12. In case of the money transfer cancellation, the Bank will return the Applicant's funds only upon receipt of funds from correspondent bank. The Applicant understands and agrees that correspondent banks might charge cancellation and other fees, and that the applied exchange rate may be changed.
  13. The Bank is not responsible for any taxes, duties and other expenses, which might occur in other countries in relation to the money transfer.
  14. To complete the transfer properly, the Bank may select a correspondent bank by its own decision acting on the best efforts basis. Such correspondent bank may charge a fee, which will be deducted from the funds paid to the beneficiary or will be charged to the Bank. If the correspondent bank's fee is charged to the Bank, the Bank will debit the Applicant's account for amount of such fee.
  15. The Applicant is aware that transactions involve instantaneous wire transfers, and that modifying or canceling a completed transaction is sometimes impossible.
  16. In case of amendment or cancellation the Sender indemnifies the Bank from any demands, actions, proceedings, liabilities, claims, damages, losses, costs and expenses related to such amendment or cancellation. Transaction can be cancelled only before the Receiver collects or receives the money, and subject to receiver’s bank consent.
  17. The Applicant understands and agrees that some fees are not refundable. The Applicant also understands that for bank deposit service the receiver’s bank may apply its own fees and charges, which are out of the Bank control.
  18. To​​ cancel​ your​ transaction​ (in case applicable), you​ should​ fill​ in​ and​ sign​ the​ amendment/cancellation​ form​ and​ personally​ bring​ it​ to​ any​ of​ our​ offices. ​Any​ request​ to​ amend​ or​ cancel​ the​ payment​ received​ by​ us​ via​ email​ or​ phone​ will​ be​ disregarded. ​The​ form​ can​ be​ downloaded​ on​ our​ website​ using​ the following link:
  19. The Bank will return the Applicant’s funds only upon receipt of funds from receiver’s bank. The Applicant understands and agrees that the Bank might charge its fees, and the applied exchange rate may be changed resulting in returned USD amount being less than the sent amount.