Revolutionizing​ mobile​ banking​ solutions,​ ABA​ is​ proud​ to​ introduce​ you​ ABA​ PAY​ –​ modern,​ secure,​ and​ instant​ cashless​ payment​ method​ based​ on​ QR​ code.​ With​ ABA​ PAY,​ you​ can​ pay​ cashless​ in​ shops,​ restaurants,​ or​ even​ online​ directly​ from​ your​ smartphone!

This​ feature​ is​ tailored​ with​ your​ convenience​ in​ mind,​ and​ you​ don’t​ always​ need​ to​ think​ about​ topping​ up​ your​ account.​ All​ ABA​ PAY​ transactions​ will​ be​ done​ straight​ from​ your​ ABA​ account​ or​ card.​

Go​ cashless​ with​ ABA​ PAY!

What​ is​ QR​ code?

QR​ is​ short​ for​ Quick​ Response​ (so​ that​ the​ code​ can​ be​ read​ quickly​ by​ a smartphone).​ They​ are​ used​ to​ transmit​ information​ to​ your​ phone.​ Once​ it​ is​ in​ your phone,​ it​ may​ give​ you​ a​ web​ link,​ show​ a​ text,​ or​ provide​ full​ details​ about​ the purchase​ you​ are​ about​ to​ make.

We​ are​ using​ QR​ codes​ to​ enable​ your​ payment​ process​ directly​ from​ your smartphone​ at​ ABA​ PAY​ merchant.​ It​ is​ easier​ and​ faster​ than​ using​ cash​ or​ a​ card.​ On top​ of​ that,​ storing​ payment​ details​ in​ your​ phone​ and​ carrying​ it​ around​ is​ much​ safer than​ bringing​ your​ cash​ and​ cards​ everywhere​ you​ go.

How​ to​ pay​ with​ ABA​ Mobile?

Select​ “ABA​ PAY”​ on​ ABA​ Mobile’s​ main​ screen​ for​ in-shop purchases.​

For​ online​ shopping,​ proceed​ to​ Checkout​ on​ merchant’s​ website​ or​ app.

Scan​ merchant’s​ QR​ code​ on​ the​ POS​ terminal​ screen​ or​ printed​ out​ by​ merchant.

For​ online​ shopping,​ choose​ “ABA​ PAY”​ as​ your​ payment​ method​ on​ Checkout​ page.

Choose​ account​ /​ card​ to​ pay​ from​ and​ confirm​ the​ payment.

You will get instant notification after transaction is done.

Where can​ you pay​ with​ ABA​ PAY?

We​ are​ constantly​ working​ on​ the​ list​ of​ merchants​ where​ you​ can​ scan​ QR​ to​ pay​ with​ ABA​ Mobile.​ We​ identified our​ merchants​ as​ ABA​ PAY​ Places​ and​ with​ more​ than​ 200​ (and​ growing)​ merchants​ across​ the​ country,​ you ​can go​ cashless​ with​ ABA​ PAY!​ Additionally,​ certain​ merchants​ offer​ you​ the​ discounts​ that​ fit​ your​ lifestyle.​ For the most up-to-date list, tap ABA PAY Places under sidebar menu of your ABA Mobile.

Ready to get started?

To​ start​ paying​ with​ ABA​ PAY,​ you​ only​ need​ to​ have​ an​ ABA​ account​ and​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ installed​ on​ your​ smartphone.​ Click​ the​ icon​ of​ your​ smartphone’s​ app​ store​ below​ to​ download​ the​ latest​ version​ of​ the​ app.​ After​ downloading,​ simply​ follow​ the​ screen​ instructions​ to​ create​ a​ new​ kind​ of​ banking​ experience.​ It​ is​ free!​