Domestic Transfers

Take advantage of better fund transfers between the banks in Cambodia! With ABA Domestic Transfers, you can experience a fast, easy and safe remit at relatively low fee. The initiative taken by ABA in collaboration with all the banks in Cambodia allows you to transfer your funds instantly from your ABA account to another bank or MFI across the country.

Transfer Fees

Transfer TypeCurrencyAmountCommission
OutwardUSD/KHRAny amount0.05%, min. USD 51
InwardUSD/KHRAny amountFREE

1 If a transfer is in KHR, the same fees are applied. The minimum fee will be charged in KHR equivalent at the ABA Bank's KHR/USD exchange rate effective on the day of transfer.

In​ order​ to​ make​ your​ banking​ experience​ with​ ABA​ even​ easier,​ we​ have​ created​ interactive​ “Local​ Money​ Transfer​ Form”​ for​ remittances.​ You​ can​ easily​ download​ it,​ fill​ in​ when​ it​ is​ convenient​ for​ you,​ print​ out​ and​ bring​ to​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ branch.

To download the forms, please follow the links below:

For more info, please call at 1 800 203 203.

Please​ read​ the​ following​ terms​ and​ conditions​ carefully,​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ are​ an​ “Agreement”​ between​ you​ and​ Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​ (“the​ Bank”)​ in​ relation​ to​ the​ use​ of​ fund​ transfers.

  1. The​ Applicant​ confirms​ that​ the​ information​ provided​ in​ this​ form​ is​ true​ and​ correct​ and​ the​ bank​ will​ not​ responsible​ for​ any​ delays,​ errors​ and​ omission​ caused​ by​ misprinting​ and/or​ inaccuracy​ of​ the​ Applicant.
  2. The​ Applicant​ authorizes​ the​ Bank​ to​ debit​ his/her​ account​ for​ the​ wire​ amount​ and​ amount​ of​ commissions.
  3. The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ confirms​ that​ the​ Bank​ will​ apply​ its​ internal​ currency​ exchange​ rate​ to​ process​ fund​ transfer.
  4. The​ Bank​ may​ change​ its​ fees​ and​ commission​ as​ well​ as​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ from​ time​ to​ time​ without​ prior​ notice.
  5. The​ Bank​ may​ disclose​ the​ fund​ transfer​ information​ to​ the​ third​ party​ in​ accordance​ with​ the​ legislation​ of​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia​ including,​ but​ not​ limited​ by,​ court​ decisions,​ investigations​ and​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia​ regulations.
  6. In​ case​ of​ transfer​ cancellation,​ the​ Bank​ will​ return​ the​ Applicant’s​ funds​ only​ upon​ receipt​ from​ correspondent​ or​ beneficiary’s​ bank.
  7. The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ agrees​ that​ the​ fees​ are​ not​ refundable.
  8. The​ Applicant​ authorizes​ the​ bank​ to​ postpone,​ suspend​ or​ cancel​ the​ fun​ transfer​ if​ the​ Bank​ has​ found​ that​ it​ may​ be​ related​ unlawful​ conduct​ and/or​ breach​ of​ any​ national​ or​ international​ laws.
  9. The​ Bank​ reserves​ the​ right​ to​ reject​ or​ suspend​ any​ transfer​ if​ required​ for​ its​ AML/KYC​ purposes.

ABA​ Bank​ is​ also​ a​ member​ of​ FAST​ domestic​ payment​ system​ initiated​ by​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia​ that​ enables​ you​ to​ have​ a​ quick​ and​ easy​ transaction​ in​ Khmer​ Riels​ at​ low​ fees.​ To​ learn​ more​ on​ this​ service,​ visit​ FAST​ Payment​ System​ page.

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