ABA Exchange Rates

Our​ foreign​ currency​ exchange​ rates​ allow​ you​ to​ get​ up-to-date​ buy/sell​ rates​ for​ selected​ major​ currencies.​ Please​ note​ that​ the​ rates​ are​ indicative​ and​ should​ be​ used​ for​ information​ purpose​ only.​ Please​ call​ +855​ 23​ 225​ 333​ for​ further​ details.

CurrencyABA BuysABA Sells
USD / KHR4,096.004,109.00
AUD / KHR2,667.163,250.65
CAD / KHR2,796.803,408.64
CNY / KHR498.57715.42
EUR / KHR4,469.415,231.86
GBP / KHR4,947.915,791.99
JPY / KHR36.010842.1541
THB / KHR123.18141.32
AUD / USD0.6491020.793616
EUR / USD1.0877121.277310
GBP / USD1.2041641.414060
USD / CAD1.2016521.469179
USD / CNY5.7253088.241571
USD / JPY97.1673114.104657
USD / THB28.98386633.357688
  • The Notes Rate is determined for currency dealing; buying and selling physical cash and many local transactions between different currencies. You are encouraged to visit any nearby branch for details

CurrencyABA BuysABA Sells
USD / KHR4,096.004,109.00
AUD / KHR2,911.653,006.85
CAD / KHR3,031.013,114.49
CNY / KHR578.19597.09
EUR / KHR4,785.184,916.98
GBP / KHR5,297.495,443.40
KRW / KHR3.39613.5283
SGD / KHR2,952.413,033.73
THB / KHR129.86133.43
VND / KHR0.1737000.180400
AUD / USD0.7086030.734094
EUR / USD1.1645611.200435
GBP / USD1.2892411.328955
USD / CAD1.3151431.355654
USD / CNY6.8599377.106660
USD / KRW1,160.8990001,209.917300
USD / SGD1.3501531.391744
USD / THB30.69774431.641768
USD / VND22,705.1023,655.73
  • The Telegraphic Transfer Rate is for international telegraphic transfer, i.e. inward and outward remittance transactions.
Buy Rate : =
Sell Rate : =
  • The Calculation of Currency Conversion here is based on the Notes Rate
  • The above rates are for the indicative purpose only and subject to change without prior notice.
  • For remittance transactions in any currency which is not listed above, you are encouraged to visit any nearby branch for details.