ABA Exchange Rates

CurrencyABA BuysABA Sells
USD / KHR3,995.004,013.00
THB / KHR125.98130.53
AUD / KHR3,061.683,172.36
CAD / KHR3,012.493,121.39
CNY / KHR619.62642.02
EUR / KHR4,851.215,026.57
GBP / KHR5,495.255,693.89
HKD / KHR501.65519.79
JPY / KHR37.037538.3764
MYR / KHR1,001.861,038.08
SGD / KHR2,991.193,099.32
VND / KHR0.17280.1791
USD / AUD1.25931.3107
USD / CAD1.27991.3321
USD / CNY6.22266.4765
USD / EUR0.79480.8272
USD / GBP0.70160.7303
USD / HKD7.68587.9996
USD / JPY104.10108.35
USD / MYR3.84854.0055
USD / SGD1.28901.3416
USD / THB30.605431.8546
USD / VND22,310.0023,220.00
  • The Notes Rate is determined for currency dealing; buying and selling physical cash and many local transactions between different currencies. You are encouraged to visit any nearby branch for details

CurrencyABA BuysABA Sells
USD / KHR3,995.004,013.00
CNY / KHR621.14640.39
EUR / KHR4,863.125,013.78
GBP / KHR5,508.755,679.41
SGD / KHR2,998.543,091.43
USD / CNY6.23846.4607
USD / EUR0.79680.8252
USD / GBP0.70340.7285
USD / SGD1.29231.3383
USD / THB30.683531.7765
  • The Telegraphic Transfer Rate is for international telegraphic transfer, i.e. inward and outward remittance transactions.
Buy Rate : =
Sell Rate : =
  • The Calculation of Currency Conversion here is based on the Notes Rate
  • The above rates are for the indicative purpose only and subject to change without prior notice.
  • For remittance transactions in any currency which is not listed above, you are encouraged to visit any nearby branch for details.