Current Account

ABA Current Account is a simple and convenient way to enjoy easy payment for purchase of goods and services.

There are various convenient ways to replenish your ABA account with cash or via instant cashless transfers from other banks and e-wallets.

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CurrencyUSD KHR
Initial opening balance1
  Individual/Company100 400,000
  GovernmentN/A N/A
  Financial Inst.
50,000 200 million
Minimum on-going balance
  Individual/Company 100 400,000
  Government N/A N/A
  Financial Inst.
1,000 4 million
Minimum holding period Unlimited
Check book USD 20/Book KHR 80,000/Book
Cash withdrawal/deposit amount Unlimited
Check return fee through clearing house (all reasons) USD 50/Check KHR 200,000/Check
Check return fee through ABA branch (dishonored checks) USD 50/Check KHR 200,000/Check
Check return fee through ABA branch (other reasons) USD 10/Check KHR 40,000/Check
Monthly account service Free
ABA BusinessFree
Access to the deposits  
  • ABA Bank branches
  • ABA Business
  • UnionPay Card/Mastercard/Visa Card

1 Fee of USD20 / KHR80,000 is applied for closing the account within 3 months from opening date.

You can

  • Do unlimited transaction on your available balance at any time for free of charge;
  • Access your account through Debit Card, Internet​ Banking​ for​ Business​ or visiting one of the ABA Bank’s Branches;
  • Withdraw funds from your current account at any time provided that the minimum ongoing balance is preserved on the account.


Along with the interest rate on your funds, you also get:


To open a corporate account, you need to provide the following documents:

  • Original and latest Memorandum and Articles of Association (M&A) signed by all directors of the Company.
  • Certificate of Commercial Registration / Incorporation issued by Ministry of Commerce or a printed version of Certificate of Registration with QR code.
  • Original Board of Directors Resolution to appoint signatory(ies) and account mandate.
  • Original and valid National ID or Passport of all Shareholders and Directors.
  • Original and valid National ID or Passport of all Authorized Signatory(ies).
  • Business Tax Patent (if applicable).
  • Business License issued by relevant ministry and/or authority (if applicable).
  • Letter of Approval from relevant ministry or authority (if applicable).
  • Sample of Board of Director Resolution (please use company’s letterhead and incorporate the content in the sample Board of Director Resolution where applicable).

And, fill in the following forms:

Additional requirements:

  • Company seal to be appended on Board of Director Resolution and other relevant documents (where applicable).
  • Customer is required to disclose Tax Registration number (TRN) or Tax Identification number (TIN) where applicable.
  • Authorized Signatory(ies) is/are required to be present at the Bank or in front of a Bank staff.

- Account for Financial Institutions: Requirements may differ, please contact our branch for more information.
- In addition to the required documents for account opening above, customers shall also comply with the Bank's onboarding policies and processes before the account opening.

The​ requirements​ for​ amending​ corporate​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account​ are;

The​ documents​ requirement

  • Original​ Memorandum​ and​ Article​ of​ Association​ (if​ any​ update)​
  • Original​ Board​ of​ Directors​ Resolution​ for​ account​ amendment​ (if​ add,​ remove​ signatory(ies)​ or​ change​ account​ mandate)
  • Original​ Board​ of​ Directors​ Resolution​ for​ ABA Business​ Amendment​ (if​ there​ is​ change​ of​ authorizer​ in​ ABA Business)​
  • Certificate​ of​ Commercial​ Registration​ /​ Incorporation​ issued​ by​ Ministry​ of​ Commerce​ or​ a​ printed​ version​ of​ Certificate​ of​ Registration​ with​ QR​ code​ (if​ any​ update)
  • Original​ and​ valid​ National​ ID​ or​ Passport​ of​ new​ Shareholder(s)​ and​ Director(s)
  • Original​ and​ valid​ National​ ID​ or​ Passport​ of​ new​ Authorized​ Signatory (ies).

Other​ requirements​ you​ may​ need​ to​ take​ note

  • Company’s​ seal​ is​ to​ be​ appended​ on​ Board​ of​ Director​ Resolution​ or​ any​ relevant​ documents.
  • All​ signatory(ies)​ is/are​ required​ to​ present​ at​ Bank’s​ counter​ or​ in​ front​ of​ Bank​ staff.
  • Corporate​ Card​ that​ belongs​ to​ the​ removed​ signatory(ies)​ must​ be​ returned​ to​ the​ bank.
  • Corporate​ Card​ linked​ to​ Corporate​ Account​ is​ to​ be​ returned​ to​ bank​ if​ account​ mandate​ change​ to​ other​ rather​ than​ “Anyone​ to​ Sign”.


  • Financial​ Institution:​ The​ requirements​ may​ differ,​ please​ contacts​ our​ branch​ for​ more​ information.
  • Customer​ will​ need​ to​ pass​ the​ bank’s​ onboarding’s​ process​ before​ account​ amendment.