Credit Cards

If​ you​ love the​ freedom​ of​ having​ a​ reserve​ fund​ at​ your command, ABA​ Bank’s​ credit​ cards​ are​ here​ for you.
ABA​ Visa​ and​ Mastercard​ credit​ cards​ enable​ you​ to​ get​ access​ to​ the​ Bank’s​ funds,​ covering​ your​ daily​ expenses,​ unexpected​ purchase​ or​ occasional​ trip​ abroad,​ and​ bringing​ convenience​ to​ repay​ the​ borrowed​ amount​ later.​ In​ addition,​ you​ can​ smooth​ your​ cash​ flow​ and​ enjoy​ the​ interest-free​ grace​ period​ of​ up​ to​ 45​ days.

ABA Bank has been certified to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. With ABA Bank, you can be confident that your card payments are protected by the industry's leading security measures.

Take advantage of the flexibility and convenience of ABA credit cards!

Standard Cards

Select​ the​ card​ that​ best​ fits​ your​ lifestyle,​ apply​ for​ free​ and​ enjoy​ the​ wide​ range​ of​ benefits.

Visa Classic

Simple​ and​ secure​ way​ to​ enjoy
​ your purchases​ worldwide.
Annual​ fee:​ 15 USD

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Mastercard Standard

Easy​ access​ to​ extra​ funds​
whenever​ you​ need.
Annual​ fee:​ 15 USD

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Premium Cards

ABA Platinum Card brings you a myriad of wonderful privileges that will enrich your lifestyle. To see the full list of latest offers and perks from our international and local partners, please click here.

Visa Platinum

Exclusive​ benefits​ and​ privileges​
for​ your​ premium​ lifestyle.
Annual​ fee:​ 300 USD

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Visa Platinum Lite

Light​ version​ of​ Platinum​ card
​ yet​ with​ extensive​ benefits.
Annual​ fee:​ 30 USD

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Mastercard Platinum

Enrich​ your​ life​ with​ exclusive​
access​ and​ privileges.
Annual​ fee:​ 300 USD

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Mastercard Platinum Lite

Enjoy​ exclusive​ privileges​ at​
an​ affordable​ rate
Annual​ fee:​ 30 USD

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Visa Business

Give​ your​ business​ and​ employees​
the​ purchasing​ power​ they​ need.
Annual​ fee:​ 30 USD

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Visit nearest branch and meet our Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application procedure, or give us a call at +855 23 225 333 for further information.

For Card Terms and Conditions please check here.

Credit​ Card​ is​ a​ credit​ (loan)​ facility​ issued​ to​ cardholders​ to​ enable​ them​ to​ pay​ a​ merchant​ for​ goods​ and​ services,​ withdraw​ cash​ from​ ATMs,​ and​ repay​ to​ the​ Bank​ (card​ issuer)​ based​ on​ a​ statement​ that​ will​ be​ delivered​ on​ a​ monthly​ basis​ to​ cardholders​ via​ E-mail.
  • Debit​ Card:​ cardholders​ use​ their​ own​ money​ available​ in​ their​ bank​ account​ with​ no​ interest​ charge,​ no​ repayment​ and​ no​ late​ payment​ charge.
  • Credit​ Card:​ cardholders​ use​ the​ credit​ limit​ which​ is​ provided​ by​ the​ Bank​ and​ must​ settle​ the​ used​ amount​ based​ on​ monthly​ credit​ card​ statement.
  • A​ convenient​ way​ to​ manage​ your​ fund.
  • With​ credit​ limit​ approved​ by​ the​ Bank,​ you​ can​ withdraw,​ purchase​ or​ make​ any​ payment​ transactions​ you​ want,​ and​ repay​ later.​
  • Get​ a​ grace​ period​ interest-free​ on​ purchase​ transactions.
  • Receive​ competitive​ interest​ rate​ while​ using​ other​ ABA​ accounts​ such​ as​ Fixed​ Deposit,​​ Saving​ ……etc​ as​ Credit​ Card​ Collateral.
  • Get​ cash​ advance​ fee​ waived​ for​ transactions​ made​ through​ ABA​ Bank​ (ATM​ withdrawal​ /Cash​ Advance)
  • Other​ benefits​ with​ terms​ and​ conditions​ apply.​ 
Just​ visit​ any​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ and​ meet​ our​ Relationship​ Manager/Client​ Service​ Advisor​ who​ will​ guide​ you​ through​ the​ application​ procedure,​ or​ give​ us​ a​ call​ at​ 1 800 203 203 for​ more​ information.
All​ ABA’s​ debit​ accounts.Remark:​ We​ do​ not​ accept​ Fixed​ Deposit​ Account​ opened​ through​ ABA​ Mobile​ App​ and​ Fixed​ deposit​ with​ NO​ Auto​ Rollover​ condition.
  • Yes,​ you​ can!​
  • You​ can​ use​ title​ deed​ of​ your​ properties​ such​ as​ land,​ building…etc​ as​ collateral​ to​ secure​ your​ credit​ card.
No,​ you​ cannot!​ Currently,​ we​ provide​ only​ in​ USD​ currency.
  • You​ shall​ settle​ at​ least​ a​ Minimum​ Payment​ from​ 1st​ to​ 15th​ after​ received​ credit​ card​ statement.
  • Credit​ Card​ statement​ will​ be​ delivered​ to​ your​ email​ in​ the​ beginning​ of​ every​ next​ month. To​ prevent​ yourself​ from​ being​ late​ paying​ or​ fail​ to​ settle​ due​ amount​ after​ receiving​ credit​ card​ statement,​ please​ contact​ us​ at​ 098​ 203​ 222/​ 098​ 203​ 333/098​ 203​ 111/​ 098​ 203​ 555​ or​ email​ to​ [email protected]​ for​ more​ information.
  • ABA​ Bank​ also​ provide​ one​ best​ repayment​ method​ called​ Auto​ settlement​ which​ allow​ bank​ to​ settle​ your​ due​ amount​ automatically​ from​ any​ of​ your​ designed​ accounts,​ except​ your​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account.
  • Minimum​ Payment​ is​ the​ due​ amount​ which​ customer​ must​ settle​ to​ avoid​ late​ payment​ charge.
  • Minimum​ Payment​ =​ 20%​ of​ total​ due,​ minimum​ 50USD.
  • It​ is​ a​ debited​ account​ used​ as​ source​ of​ auto​ repayment​ to​ your​ Credit​ Card​ Account.​
  • Auto​ Settlement​ will​ be​ processed​ on​ every​ 15th​ of​ each​ month.
  • Auto​ Settlement​ are​ provided​ into​ 2​ options:
i. Minimum​ Payment:​ minimum​ paid​ amount​ which​ shown​ in​ credit​ card​ statement.
ii. Total​ Payment:​ total​ due​ amount​ based​ on​ credit​ card​ statement.
  • A​ period​ which​ interest​ on​ borrowed​ amount​ is​ waived​ (interest​ free​ period)​ for​ Sale​ Transactions.
  • The​ period​ provided​ by​ ABA​ Bank​ to​ credit​ cardholder​ to​ make​ repayment​ (15days​ after​ month-end).
Sale​ transactions​ are​ the​ purchasing​ transactions​ such​ as:
  • Purchase​ Air​ ticket.
  • Payment​ made​ in​ restaurants,​ supermarkets.
  • Booking​ Hotels​…etc.
Non-Sale​ Transactions​ are​ such​ as:
  • ATM​ cash​ withdrawal.
  • Funds​ transfer​ to​ other​ accounts. Phone​ top-up​ via​ ABA Business/Mobile​ App.
  • Bill​ payment​ via​ ABA Business/Mobile​ App.
  • Late​ payment​ fee.
  • Interest​ charges...etc.
  • Interest​ charges​ will​ be​ applied​ for​ non-sale​ transactions.There​ is​ no​ interest​ charge​ for​ sale​ transactions​ only.
  • Interest​ charges​ will​ be​ applied​ for​ non-sale​ transactions.
You​ can​ withdraw​ cash​ at​ ABA​ Bank​ Terminal​ for​ free.
Yes,​ it​ is!​ Interest​ and​ late​ payment​ fee​ will​ be​ charged​ from​ your​ credit​ card​ account.
Yes,​ you​ can.​ Remark:​ Please​ visit​ any​ ABA​ Bank​ branch​ to​ fill-in​ the​ required​ forms
Yes,​ you​ can.​ Remark:​ Please​ visit​ any​ ABA​ Bank​ branch​ to​ fill-in​ the​ required​ forms.
Yes,​ credit​ card​ has​ annual​ fee​ charge​ based​ on​ the​ type​ of​ your​ credit​ card.
No,​ you​ cannot!​ Credit​ card​ account​ is​ required​ to​ use​ with​ physical​ card​ linkage.
  • Yes,​ you​ can.​ 
  • You​ just​ need​ to​ visit​ any​ ABA​ Bank​ branch​ to​ request​ for​ the​ supplementary​ cards.
  • Only​ credit​ card​ account​ owner​ can​ apply​ for​ new​ supplementary​ cards.
  • You​ must​ visit​ any​ ABA​ Bank​ branch​ to​ request​ for​ renewal​ within​ 30​ days​ from​ the​ expired​ date.
  • If​ the​ card​ has​ expired​ and​ request​ for​ renewal​ hasn’t​ been​ completed​ within​ one​ month​ without​ any​ notification​ from​ Credit​ Cardholder,​ your​ credit​ card​ limit​ will​ be​ removed​ based​ on​ the​ Credit​ Card​ Policy.
If​ you​ do​ not​ receive​ the​ Credit​ Card​ statement​ on​ every​ 1st​ of​ each​ month,​ you​ shall​ contact​ ABA​ immediately​ at​ 098​ 203​ 222/​ 098​ 203​ 333/098​ 203​ 111/​ 098​ 203​ 555​ or​ [email protected].

All​ ABA​ cards​ come​ with​ these​ great​ benefits

Free Issuance

Our​ cards​ are​ issued​ for​ free
so​ you​ can​ get​ an​ easier​ and
better​ access​ to​ your​ funds

Fraud Protection

You​ are​ entitled​ for​ refund​ of​
a​ fraudulent​ transaction​ provided
you​ operate​ your​ account​ responsible​​

Online Security

Our​ cards​ are​ protected​ with
additional​ layer​ of​ security​ with
a​ One-Time​ Password​ to​ confirm
your​ identity

24/7​ Customer​ Support

If​ your​ card​ is​ lost​ /​ stolen, you​
can​ block​ it​ immediately​ via​ the
ABA​ Mobile​ app​ or​ call​ us​ anytime