SWIFT Statement Service

If​ you​ are​ running​ an​ international​ company​ or​ a​ group​ of​ companies​ and​ need​ a​ convenient​ overview​ of​ your​ corporate​ bank​ account​ and​ remaining​ balance,​ ABA​ SWIFT​ Account​ Statement​ Message​ Service​ (MT​ 940)​ is​ your​ solution.

ABA​ SWIFT​ Account​ Statement​ Service​ is​ based​ on​ a​ standard​ SWIFT​ message​ that​ comes​ in​ a​ form​ of​ an​ electronic​ bank​ statement​ via​ the​ SWIFT​ network.​ Any​ SWIFT​ network​ member,​ whether​ domestic​ or​ international​ bank​ (subject​ to​ SWIFT​ authorization)​ can​ receive​ your​ end-of-day​ account​ statement​ upon​ your​ request.​


  • Statement​ in​ the​ universal​ SWIFT​ MT940​ standard​ that​ can​ be​ easily​ recognized​ internationally.
  • Complete​ information​ on​ your​ bank​ account​ shared​ with​ the​ world-class​ security.
  • Your​ accounting​ system​ can​ import​ the​ ready-to-use​ SWIFT​ account​ statement​ directly.
  • Instant​ account​ statement​ reviews​ for​ timely​ accounting​ reconciliation.


USD​ 50​ per​ bank​ account​ per​ month.

How​ to​ apply

To​ apply​ for​ the​ service,​ complete​ the​ application​ form​​ and​ submit​ it​ to​ the​ Bank.

You​ must​ have​ the​ followings:

  • ABA​ account​ with​ positive​ balance​ (OD​ account​ is​ not​ applicable)
  • SWIFT​ code​ of​ the​ receiving​ bank

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