Junior​ Account

ABA​ Junior​ Account​ is​ an​ extension​ of​ ABA​ Minor​ Account​ that​ encourages​ juniors​ between​ the​ age​ of​ 10​ and​ 17​ to​ learn​ the​ basics​ of​ managing​ money​ and​ building​ healthy​ saving​ habits.

This​ joint​ bank​ account​ provides​ juniors​ with​ the​ opportunity​ to​ access​ their​ own​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ while​ under​ parental​ guidance.​ Junior​ accountholders​ can​ check​ their​ account​ balance,​ make​ local​ transfers​ and​ payments,​ and​ set​ aside​ savings​ by​ themselves.

While​ parents​ have​ full​ control​ over​ Junior​ Account​ and​ can​ set​ daily​ transaction​ limits​ or​ check​ the​ account​ balance​ in​ real-time,​ juniors​ will​ gradually​ learn​ about​ financial​ responsibilities​ while​ enjoying​ modern​ banking​ facilities​ from​ ABA​ Bank.

Why​ ABA​ Junior​ Account?

  • Grant​ your​ child​ access​ to​ banking​ services​ with​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app
  • Provide​ cash​ to​ your​ child​ digitally​ in​ any​ amount​ they​ can​ handle​ and​ track​ their​ spending
  • ​Your​ child​ starts​ learning​ how​ the​ money​ works​ in​ a​ modern​ way​ —​ make​ transfers/payments​ and​ set​ aside​ for​ saving​ toward​ their​ financial​ goals
  • Your​ child​ will​ love​ watching​ their​ money​ grow​ over​ time​ with​ interest​ returns


To​ open​ ABA​ Junior​ Account​ for​ your​ child,​

  • Application will require to submit your child’s birth certificate and / or other documents which the Bank can use to identify the relationship between the parent and the junior;
  • Your​ child​ needs​ to​ be​ between​ 10-17​ years​ old;
  • Your​ child​ needs​ to​ have​ a​ smartphone​ with​ an​ active​ local​ phone​ number.

How​ to​ open​ Junior​ Account​ as​ parent​

  1. Launch​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ tap​ New​ Account;
  2. Select​ Junior​ Account​ from​ the​ list​ of​ available​ accounts
  3. Accept​ the​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ and​ tap​ NEXT;​
  4. Fill​ in​ the​ basic​ information​ of​ your​ child​ and​ tap​ NEXT;
  5. Choose​ the​ Junior​ Account​ currency​ (KHR​ or​ USD)​ and​ tap​ NEXT;​
  6. Enter​ your​ child’s​ phone​ number​ and​ tap​ NEXT;
  7. Enter​ the​ code​ received​ in​ SMS;​ your​ application​ for​ Junior​ Account​ will​ be​ reviewed​ within​ 24​ hours.​

How to activate ABA Mobile on the child’s smartphone

Once your application for Junior Account is approved, you can activate ABA Mobile for your child with the following steps;

  1. Open your child’s smartphone
  2. Tap the invitation link received in SMS
  3. Enter your child’s phone number that you submitted with application
  4. Create a 4-digit PIN and your child can start banking right away

Interest rate (p.a.) in USD

Daily BalanceInterest Rate
USD ≤ 1,0000.00%
USD ≤ 10,0000.10%
USD ≤ 25,0000.15%
USD ≤ 50,0000.20%
USD ≤ 100,0000.30%
USD ≤ 500,0000.45%
USD > 500,0000.70%

Interest rate (p.a.) in KHR

Daily BalanceInterest Rate
KHR ≤ 20,000,0001.00%
KHR ≤ 100,000,0001.25%
KHR > 100,000,0001.50%


EligibilityExisting customer using a standard account and junior of 10-17 years old
  • Parent is an ABA Mobile user1
  • Having a valid birth certificate and / or other documents which the Bank can use to identify the relationship between the parent and the junior2
  • Own a smart phone with good quality camera to produce a clear picture of the junior3
Opening channelABA Mobile only
Account access channels
  • ABA Mobile app and other digital channels only
  • Over the counter operations are not allowed for junior
CurrencyUSD / KHR
Interest paymentMonthly or upon account closure
Minimum opening balanceUSD 0.00 / KHR 0.00
Minimum ongoing balanceUSD 0.00 / KHR 0.00
Default account limitDepositWithdrawal
Maximum single transaction limitUnlimitedUSD 100.00 / KHR 400,000.00
Maximum daily limitUnlimitedUSD 100.00 / KHR 400,000.00
Maximum monthly limit (calendar month)UnlimitedUSD 1,000.00 / KHR 4,000,000.00
Account facilities
  • ABA Mobile app
  • All Type of Cards
  • ABA Digital Channels
Early closureUSD 20 / KHR 80,000 applied for closing the account within 3 months from the opening date
Channel to close the accountABA branch
Eligible number of accountsOnly one Junior Account per child (either in USD or KHR; selected by parent during the opening of Junior Account)
Service feesType of ServiceFee
Monthly account serviceFree of charge
Mobile BankingFree of charge
PassbookNot applicable
Dormant fee4USD 10.00
Certify Account balanceNot applicable
CardNo issuance fee. See our website for annual fees
Available services for junior in ABA Mobile5
  • Check account
  • Transfer within ABA
  • QR payment
  • Deposit cash via Cash-In machine / Check Deposit Machine / inward account transfer
  • Use E-Cash6
  • Download account statement
  • Payment
  • Make QR cash withdrawal
  • Open Mobile Fixed Deposit account
  • Change registered phone number
Restricted services for junior
  • Loan
  • Transfer to other local banks and local wallets
  • International transfers
Available services for parentABA Mobile (Own Account Transfer)
Parent’s rights to manage Junior Account
  • Block / Unblock the ABA Mobile app of the junior
  • Reset PIN of the junior
  • Set up Junior Account limits
Tax Status4% for residents

Terms​ and​ Conditions​ are​ subject​ to​ change​ at​ ABA​ Bank’s​ sole​ discretion​ without​ prior​ notice​ to​ customers.
1​ Junior account can only be opened by the parent for their own children only.
2​ You must submit a document in Khmer or English language clearly showing the relationship between you and your child, for example, a birth certificate.
3​ Please take a live photo of your child instead of uploading it from a gallery/library.

4 System will automatically charge USD 10.00 / KHR 40,000 if account is not operative for 12 months or more.
5 Parent can set account limits for the junior using their ABA Mobile app.
6 Using the E-cash service is subject to fees. Please refer to the E-Cash service’s Terms and Conditions.​

Contact​ us​ instantly​ without​ leaving​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ by​ tapping​ the​ Contact​ Us​ button​ on​ the​ app’s​ main​ screen.​ Additionally,​ you​ can​ chat​ with​ us​ via​ Facebook​ Messenger,​ on​ our​ website​ or​ call​ us​ 24/7​ hotline​ at​ 098 203 203.

Junior​ Account​ is​ an​ extension​ of​ ABA​ Minor​ Account​ that​ is​ designed​ for​ juniors​ between​ the​ age​ of​ 10​ and​ 17.​ They​ can​ activate​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ start​ learning​ how​ to​ manage​ their​ money​ while​ under​ parental​ guidance.
Junior account can be opened via ABA Mobile app only. You will be required to submit the identification documents of your child when you make a request via ABA Mobile app to open the Junior Account. The identification documents may include a birth certificate of the junior, family book or residential book, or any other documents where the Bank can verify your legitimate relationship with the junior.
The​ Bank​ will​ only​ open​ the​ Junior​ Account​ after​ we​ have​ verified​ that​ you​ are​ a​ legitimate​ parent​ of​ the​ child.
The​ bank​ will​ review​ your​ request​ within​ 24​ hours​ and​ notify​ your​ request​ status​ via​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.
A​ parent​ needs​ to​ send​ the​ invitation​ link​ to​ the​ child​ by​ going​ to​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ =>​ Accounts​ =>​ Tab​ Junior​ Account​ =>​ Tab​ 3​ Dots​ =>​ Tab​ invite​ Child​ =>​ Choose​ any​ available​ Social​ Network​ Service​ of​ your​ choice​ to​ send​ the​ Invitation​ Link.
No,​ you​ can’t.​ If​ you​ want​ to​ open​ another​ Junior​ Account​ in​ a​ different​ currency,​ your​ child​ can​ do​ so.​
Yes,​ you​ can​ control​ the​ Daily​ Limit​ which​ is​ from​ USD0.01​ to​ USD100​ for​ USD​ Account​ or​ KHR100​ to​ KHR400,000​ for​ KHR​ Account.
Your​ children​ can​ request​ a​ plastic​ card​ from​ his/her​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ on​ their​ own.
From​ parent's​ ABA​ Mobile​ app,​ you​ can​ block/unblock​ the​ access​ of​ your​ child's​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.
On​ parent’s​ ABA​ Mobile​ app,​ unblock​ the​ access​ of​ your​ child's​ ABA​ Mobile.​
On​ Child’s​ new​ phone:​
  • Download​ ABA​ Mobile​ app
  • Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ app
  • Select​ the​ language​ and​ accept​ the​ term​ and​ conditions
  • Tap​ button​ Activate​ with​ ABA​ Account
  • Enter​ the​ child’s​ phone​ number​
  • ​Enter​ account​ number
  • Enter​ existing​ 4-digit​ PIN
From​ parent's​ ABA​ Mobile​ app,​ you​ can​ block/unblock​ the​ access​ to​ your​ child's​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.
The​ services​ available​ for​ the​ child​ are​ Accounts​ (view),​ Transfer​ within​ ABA,​ QR​ payment,​ Statement,​ Payment,​ QR​ withdrawal,​ and​ Open​ Mobile​ Fixed​ Deposit​ Account.
You​ are​ allowed​ to​ use​ all​ services​ in​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.
No,​ only​ the​ parent​ is​ allowed​ to​ cash​ out​ over​ the​ counter.
Yes,​ the​ Junior​ Account​ is​ allowed​ to​ issue​ a​ Virtual​ Card.
You​ can​ visit​ any​ ABA​ branch​ to​ close​ it.
When​ your​ child​ is​ old​ enough​ to​ operate​ the​ account,​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ will​ alert​ the​ junior​ to​ submit​ identification​ documents.​ If​ all​ the​ details​ in​ the​ submitted​ identification​ documents​ match​ the​ existing​ details,​ all​ restrictions​ on​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ will​ be​ released​ and​ the​ junior​ will​ be​ able​ to​ operate​ the​ account​ on​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ except​ operation​ OTC.