Payroll Service

Save time and money by paying your employees through ABA payroll service. ABA Bank offers you integrated payroll services that can reduce costs, eliminate paperwork and improve security. 

You can simply submit your staff salary payment files or directly credit the amounts to their accounts through our internet banking. You do not need to withdraw cash from the account or issue check anymore. 

As a part of the payroll project, we issue free ATM cards for your employees to provide an instant 24/7 access to their funds through our ATM network.

Why choose ABA Payroll service?

By choosing ABA Payroll service, you can:

  • Improve your cash flow and ensure your employees are paid quickly and on time.
  • Save time and money by eliminating the needs to carry large amounts of cash or issue check on payday.
  • Keep your company’s funds secure, as there is no need in transporting cash from the bank to the office.
  • Monitor expenditures through free internet banking service.

How it works

After simple registration, you can perform the payroll payments in two ways:

  • Send the approved salary payment file to your dedicated teller at ABA Bank, or
  • Use Internet Banking for Business for crediting the salary directly into your staff account.

You will receive an email each time payments are processed and completed. For privacy reasons, banking information will not be included in automated emails. Your staff can also get an SMS-notification upon receiving salary on their account (e-care service activation required).


Minimum ongoing balanceUSD 0.00KHR 0.00
Interest rateN/A
Withdrawal conditionsUnlimited withdrawals, in cash or non-cash forms, are allowed at anytime and in any amount.
ReplenishmentUnlimited deposit replenishment, in cash or non-cash forms, are allowed at anytime and in any amount.
Payroll processing feeUSD 0.20 per transactionKHR 800 per transaction
Other service fees
Internet banking2Free
Mobile banking3Free
Certify account balanceUSD 10 or KHR 40000
Access to deposits
  • ABA Branches
  • Cash-In Machine
  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • Payment Card

1 Instead of getting free ATM card, customer can request international debit cards (UPI, Visa and Mastercard) with 50% discount on card annual fee.
2 Free for access leve of Read only, own ABA bank account or ABA account. USD 25 is for access card and dynamic authentication device.
3 It's available for personal account only.

How to apply

To subscribe the Payroll service, please visit your ABA Branch to sign the Agreement and complete the registration form. After quick activation, you will be able to start using the service.