Trade Finance

Rarely one country produces everything it demands. Climate conditions and geographical location are among the key factors, which define a country's producing capacities. It means that countries depend on each other in terms of different goods and services and there is a strong need in international trade and payment mechanics.

Sale purchase operations within one country are much easier for both buyer and seller, because they act under the same legislation and same restrictions and simply can negotiate with each other. However, it is much more complicated when you trade with companies from other countries. You have to take into account a lot of different issues, such as transportation, insurance, customs regulations, legal requirements, and the most important - how to arrange payments and reduce risks.  

ABA Bank offers you a turnkey solutions and tailored financing options to minimize or even eliminate your risks related to trade operations both within Cambodia and internationally.
Our services include letters of credit issuance, advising, negotiation, post-financing and discounting, documentary collections, reimbursement undertakings, standby letters of credit and many other trade finance instruments.
The team of professionals experienced in trade finance and documentary operations will assist you in every stage of your export-import activities starting from the contract negotiation to money receipt.
With support of our major shareholder, National Bank of Canada, we are offering new trade finance services to our customers and these services are exclusive for Cambodian banking industry.

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