ABA​ QR​ is​ a​ feature​ on​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ for​ account-to-account​ transfers.​ It​ allows​ the​ app​ users​ to​ receive​ funds​ via​ a​ unique​ QR​ code.​

You​ can​ receive​ funds​ by​ letting​ other​ ABA​ Mobile​ users​ scan​ your​ ABA​ QR​ code​ or​ by​ sharing​ your​ ABA​ QR​ as​ a​ link​ to​ the​ sender​ via​ your​ favorite​ chat​ or​ messenger​ platform.​ 

Key​ benefits


No​ more​ manually​ entering​ account​ numbers


Just​ scan​ the​ QR​ code​ or​ tap​ the​ link​ to​ transfer


​No​ more​ telling​ others​ your​ ABA​ account​ number

How​ to​ set​ a​ Default​ Account​ for​ ABA​ QR?​

To​ enjoy​ receiving​ money​ transfers​ using​ ABA​ QR,​ you​ shall​ set​ up​ a​ Default​ Account:

  • Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ tap​ the​ round​ red​ icon​ (ABA​ QR​ button)​ on​ the​ top​ right​ corner​ of​ the​ screen1;
  • ​​Tap​ Enable​ Now​ and​ select​ an​ Account​ to​ set​ as​ default2;
  • Enter​ your​ 4-digit​ PIN​ to​ confirm,​ and​ your​ unique​ ABA​ QR​ is​ created.

1​ Available​ in​ the​ latest​ version​ of​ ABA​ Mobile​ only.​ Make​ sure​ you​ update​ your​ app​ version​ from​ your​ smartphone's​ app​ store.
2​ You​ can​ change​ or​ disable​ the​ Default​ Account​ at​ any​ time.

How​ to​ receive​ money​ using​ ABA​ QR?

Via​ QR

When​ near​ the​ sender,​ launch​ your​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ tap​ on​ your​ ABA​ QR​ button​ to​ display​ your​ ABA​ QR code​ so​ the​ sender​ can​ scan​ it​ with​ their​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​

Via​ Transfer​ Link

If​ you​ want​ to​ receive​ money​ from​ a​ sender​ who​ is​ not​ near​ you,​ share​ your​ ABA​ QR as​ a​ link​ by​ tapping​ the​ Share​ Code​ icon​ below​ your​ ABA​ QR.​ Choose​ your​ preferred​ chat​ or​ messenger​ channel​ and​ send​ your​ code​ as​ a​ link.​ The​ sender​ will​ need​ to​ tap​ the​ link,​ and​ their​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ will​ automatically​ launch​ to​ finalize​ the​ transfer.

How​ to​ send​ money​ using​ ABA​ QR?

Via​ QR

Scan​ the​ receiver's​ ABA​ QR​ code​ with​ your​ ABA​ Mobile,​ enter​ the​ amount​ to​ transfer,​ and​ confirm​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.​

Via​ Transfer​ Link

Tap​ the​ receiver's​ ABA​ QR​ link​ received​ in​ a​ chat,​ messenger,​ or​ email,​ and​ your​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ will​ automatically​ launch.​ Enter​ the​ amount​ to​ transfer​ and​ confirm​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.​

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