ABA QR accepts payments and transfers from ABA Mobile users and customers of other banks that support KHQR.

To receive funds, just show your ABA QR on the mobile screen, share it as a link via messenger apps, or even print it out if you need to get transfers often.

Key​ benefits


No​ more​ manually​ entering​ account​ numbers


Just​ scan​ the​ QR​ code​ or​ tap​ the​ link​ to​ transfer


​No​ more​ telling​ others​ your​ ABA​ account​ number

How​ to​ set​ a​ Default​ Account​ for​ ABA​ QR?​

To​ enjoy​ receiving​ money​ transfers​ using​ ABA​ QR,​ you​ shall​ set​ up​ a​ Default​ Account:

  • Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ tap​ the​ round​ red​ icon​ (ABA​ QR​ button)​ on​ the​ top​ right​ corner​ of​ the​ screen1;
  • ​​Tap​ Enable​ Now​ and​ select​ an​ Account​ to​ set​ as​ default2;
  • Enter​ your​ 4-digit​ PIN​ to​ confirm,​ and​ your​ unique​ ABA​ QR​ is​ created.

1​ Available​ in​ the​ latest​ version​ of​ ABA​ Mobile​ only.​ Make​ sure​ you​ update​ your​ app​ version​ from​ your​ smartphone's​ app​ store.
2​ You​ can​ change​ or​ disable​ the​ Default​ Account​ at​ any​ time.

How​ to​ receive​ money​ using​ ABA​ QR?

Via​ QR

When​ near​ the​ sender,​ launch​ your​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ tap​ on​ your​ ABA​ QR​ button​ to​ display​ your​ ABA​ QR code​ so​ the​ sender​ can​ scan​ it​ with​ their​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​

Via​ Transfer​ Link

If​ you​ want​ to​ receive​ money​ from​ a​ sender​ who​ is​ not​ near​ you,​ share​ your​ ABA​ QR as​ a​ link​ by​ tapping​ the​ Share​ Code​ icon​ below​ your​ ABA​ QR.​ Choose​ your​ preferred​ chat​ or​ messenger​ channel​ and​ send​ your​ code​ as​ a​ link.​ The​ sender​ will​ need​ to​ tap​ the​ link,​ and​ their​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ will​ automatically​ launch​ to​ finalize​ the​ transfer.

How​ to​ send​ money​ using​ ABA​ QR?

Via​ QR

Scan​ the​ receiver's​ ABA​ QR​ code​ with​ your​ ABA​ Mobile,​ enter​ the​ amount​ to​ transfer,​ and​ confirm​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.​

Via​ Transfer​ Link

Tap​ the​ receiver's​ ABA​ QR​ link​ received​ in​ a​ chat,​ messenger,​ or​ email,​ and​ your​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ will​ automatically​ launch.​ Enter​ the​ amount​ to​ transfer​ and​ confirm​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.​

Get the App

Click the icon below to download the application from Apple's App store, Google's Play Store or Huawei's AppGallery. After downloading, simply follow the screen instructions to start mobile banking!


Need help?

Contact​ us​ instantly​ without​ leaving​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ by​ tapping​ the​ Contact​ Us​ button​ on​ the​ app's​ main​ screen.​ Additionally,​ you​ can​ chat​ with​ us​ via​ Facebook​ Messenger,​ on​ our​ website,​ or​ call​ us​ 24/7​ hotline​ at​ 098​ 203​ 203.