Integration with Xero

As a business owner, you focus on running your business efficiently and make it grow. ABA integrated its ABA Business platform with Xero, cloud-based accounting software, to help business owners like you do just that!

With this integration, you can access your accounting works however you want without having to be limited to a single computer while enjoying automated transaction reconciliation and synchronization.

Manage your finances for better business decisions a lot easier and faster with the ABA Business and Xero!

How​ to​ connect​ your​ ABA Business​ with​ Xero:​

  • Login​ to​ your​ ABA Business account;
  • Click​ ‘Bank​ Services’​ from​ the​ side​ menu;
  • Click​ ‘Third​ Party​ Integration’​ and​ choose​ ‘Xero​ Integration’;
  • Enter​ your​ email​ and​ password​ for​ Xero​ to​ authorize​ the​ connection;
  • Choose​ the​ organization​ name​ listed​ in​ your​ Xero​ account​ and​ tap​ ‘Allow​ Access’;
  • Choose​ the​ ABA​ Business​ Account​ you​ want​ to​ link​ with​ your​ Xero​ account;
  • Finally,​ click​ submit​ and​ use​ ABA​ DigiGuard​ or​ your​ hard​ token​ to​ authorize​ the​ connection.

Helpful​ Tips:

  • Authorizing​ the​ Xero​ connection​ will​ require​ approval​ from​ the​ Checker​ or​ Authorizer.​ The​ approval​ process​ will​ be​ the​ same​ as​ the​ authorization​ process​ for​ non-financial​ transactions​ in​ your​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ account.​ Once​ approved,​ you​ can​ review​ the​ connection​ details​ from​ the​ Third-Party​ Integration​ section​ of​ ABA Business​ located​ under​ ‘Bank​ Services’.
  • Click​ ‘See​ Details’​ to​ view​ more​ details​ about​ the​ Xero​ Connection.
  • Click​ ‘Sync​ Now’​ to​ synchronize​ transactions​ between​ your​ ABA​ Business​ Account​ and​ Xero​ account.​
  • Click​ ‘Disconnect’​ to​ stop​ the​ connection​ with​ your​ Xero​ account.
  • Click​ ‘Edit’​ if​ you​ wish​ to​ change​ your​ ABA​ Business​ Account​ and​ Xero​ account​ connection.

If​ you​ are​ not​ yet​ using​ ABA Business for​ your​ business​ and​ want​ to​ learn​ more​ about​ this​ product,​ contact​ our​ Relationship​ Manager​ at​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ or​ call​ our​ contact​ center​ at​ 023​ 925​ 333​ or​ get​ in​ touch​ with​ our​ ABA Business​ team​ at​