Our extensive ATM network gives you instant access to your accounts at any time. ABA Bank's ATMs accept all kinds of VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, JCB and CSS cards.

In addition, your personal ABA international debit card gives you acceptance at thousands of ATMs in Cambodia and across the globe.


Our ATMs allow you to complete basic cash and card transactions 24/7 without the aid of a teller:

  • Withdraw cash in USD and KHR;
  • Make account balance inquiry;
  • Change your card PIN;
  • Print a mini statement;
  • Withdraw cash without a bank card (E-cash service);
  • Activate your new ABA card.

For inquiries related to card or ATM transactions, please contact our Card Center hotline on 098 203 333.

For the full list of available ABA Bank ATMs, please visit our ABA locator.


An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is a machine that lets the customers of banks to access their accounts for dispensing cash and to carry out other financial transactions without the need of visiting a bank branch.
ABA ATMs can serve ATM cards, debit cards and credit cards.
To make a transaction at ABA ATM, the customer should insert their card in the ATM, enter their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and choose the necessary type of operation.
PIN is the numeric password for use at the ATM. The PIN is being given in a sealed envelope to the customer while issuing the card. This PIN has to be reset to a new PIN by the customer.The PIN number should not be written on the card or stored in wallet/purse, etc., as in such cases the card can be misused if card is lost / stolen.
Yes, the cards issued by banks in Cambodia should be enabled for use at any bank ATM within the country.
In such cases you should contact ABA Bank call-center at (+855) 23 225 333, submit an offline feedback form on the website, or visit any ABA bank branch and apply for retrieval/issuance of a new card. This procedure is applicable even if the card is sucked in at another bank's ATM.
The customer should contact the bank immediately on noticing the loss, so as to enable the bank to block the card.
Yes, in order to protect the customer ABA bank sets limit for cash withdrawal by customers. The cash withdrawal limit for use at the ATM depends of the type of card (ATM, VISA Classic, VISA Business, VISA Platinum, MasterCard Standard) and can be reviewed to any side upon the client's request.
No charges are payable for using ABA Bank ATMs by ABA Bank customers. For transactions of ABA customers in other banks' ATMs certain charges are applied. 
In such cases you should file a complaint with the bank (in the nearest branch). This process is applicable even if the transaction was carried out at another bank's ATM.