ABA in partnership with Moneygram introduced its first global marketing campaign specifically designed to reach the more than 90 million Filipinos living around the world – “Moneygrado sa MoneyGram” – or “Money For Sure.”

Deposit Speed

  • Deposits within minutes1 to BDO accounts (24/7, 365 days a year)
  • Deposits same day1 to all banks (if sent out during business days, Monday-Friday before 11 am Manila time) or next business day

Available Banks

  • This MoneyGram service covers 46 banks in the Philippines.

Standard Money Transfer Send Limits

  • Send or receive up to $10,000 USD per transaction.
  • Send/receive total of $25,000 USD in a 3-month (rolling 90-day) period, or $75,000 USD within a 12-month period, the transaction will be placed on hold.
  • Additional restrictions by receive country may apply.

Other Features

  • Locked-in Philipine Peso (PHP) exchange rates
  • Send to Philipine Peso accounts only
  • No fees charged by receiving banks
  • Send to self - many overseas workers send money to their own account for savings and investment 

Promotion Fees for Transfer to Bank Accounts in The Philippines

Send directly to any of our 46 participating banks in The Philippines.

Send Amount (USD)Fee (USD)1
0.01 - 1000.003.90
1000.01 - 2,500.006.00
2,500.01 - 5,000.0011.00
5,000.01 - 7,500.0015.00
7,500.01 and up220.00

1 This special fee is only available until 31 December 2024. We reserve right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.
2 Transfer limit is set in the MoneyGram's system based on the terms and conditions set by the receiving agents and/or receiving countries.

Regular Fees for Transfer in Cash

Below are the fees for cash deposit (instant cash) from Cambodia to The Philippines.

Send Amount (USD)Fee (USD)1
0.01 - 500.008.99
500.01 - 1,000.0018.00
1,000.01 - 1,500.0027.00
1,500.01 - 2,000.0036.00
2,000.01 - 5,000.0070.00
5,000.01 - 7,500.00140.00
7,500.01 and up2200.00

1 Fees might change from time to time by MoneyGram. To check the actual fees, please use MoneyGram's cost estimator.
2 Transfer limit is set in the MoneyGram's system based on the terms and conditions set by the receiving agents and/or receiving countries.

For first time sender, here's how

  • Visit the nearest ABA Branch Location in your area and bring your original and valid National ID/Passport for Cambodian; original and valid Passport for Foreigner.
  • Complete the send form choosing receive option "Account Deposit". Be sure to provide your receiver information including: Account Name, Bank Name and Account Number.
  • Our teller enters the information into the system and a Receiver Registration Number (RRN) is generated. Keep this number for future transactions.
  • Give the amount you’re sending plus the sending fee to our teller and you will get a receipt as proof of your transaction.
  • Tell your receiver to check their bank account for money the next business day. (Transfers to Banco de Oro Unibank (BDO) will be there within 1 business day, while transfers to other banks could take 1-3 business days.)

Subsequent send to the same receiver

  • Complete the send form choosing the receive option “Account Deposit.” Specify the Receiver Registration Number (RRN).
  • Give the teller the form and the amount you’re sending plus the sending fee. Be sure to save your receipt.
  • The money will be deposited into the receiver’s bank account.

To download​​​​​ MoneyGrado Transfers forms, please follow the links below:


1.1​ The​ MoneyGram®​ money​ transfer​ service​ (“Service”)​ is​ provided​ by​ MoneyGram​ Payment​ Systems,​ Inc.​ (“we”​ or​ "us")​ through​ a​ network​ of agents,​ authorised​ delegates,​ or​ other​ permitted​ entities​ (“Agents”).These​ Terms​ and​Conditions,​ along​ with​ the​ Documentation​ (as​ defined​ in Section​ 1.3​ below)​ used​ in​ connection​ with​ the​ Service​ to​ which​ these​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ may​ be​ included​ or​ attached,​ constitute​ the​ entire agreement​ (“Agreement”)​ between​ us​ with​ you,​ the​ individual​ sender​ of​ the​ Service​ (“you”​ or​ “Sender”).

1.2​ This​ Agreement​ and​ the​ Service​ allow​ you​ to​ send​ a​ money​ transfer​ (a​ “Transfer”)​ to​ the​ person​ named​ on​ the​ form​ (the​ “Recipient​ “)​ and allows​ them​ (i)​ to​ collect​ in​ cash​ at​ a​ MoneyGram​ location​ (our​ “cash​ to​ cash”​ service);​ or​(ii)​ to​ receive​ into​ their​ bank​ account​ or​ other​ type​ of physical​ or​ virtual​ account,​ for​ example​ a​ mobile​ wallet​ account​ (our​ “cash​ to​ account”​ service).​ These​ terms​ and​ conditions​ apply​ to​ both​ services, except​ where​ we​ say​ they​ apply​ to​ only​ one​ of​ them.

1.3​ You​ must​ sign​ any​ other​ documentation​ related​ to​ the​ Transfer,​ including​ all​ forms,​ receipts,​ or​ acknowledgments​ (collectively,​ the “Documentation”)​ in​ order​ to​ use​ the​ Service.​

1.4​ By​ using,​ or​ attempting​ to​ use,​ the​ Service​ in​ any​ capacity,​ you​ are​ acknowledging​ that​ you​ (i)​ accept​ the​ terms​ of​ this​ Agreement​ and​ (ii)​ have read​ the​ Documentation​ relating​ to​ the​ Transfer​ and​ that​ the​ information​ as​ described​ on​ the​ Documentation​ is​ accurate.​

1.5​ For​ cash​ to​ cash​ Transfers,​ you​ can​ either​ send​ money​ within​ the​ same​ country​ or​ to​ a​ different​ “receive​ country”.​ The​ Recipient​ can​ only collect​ the​ money​ in​ the​ receive​ country​ stated​ in​ the​ form.​ Once​ the​ Agent​ has​ processed​ this​ form​ and​ been​ given​ your​ money,​ the​ Recipient can​ collect​ the​ money​ at​ any​ MoneyGram​ location​ in​ the​ receive​ country​ within​ minutes​ (during​ opening​ hours)​ in​ cash,​ in​ the​ currency​ stated​ in the​ form​ unless​ condition​ 2.2​ below​ applies.​ We​ will​ not​ contact​ the​ Recipient​ when​ the​ money​ is​ ready​ to​ collect,​ so​ this​ is​ something​ you​ will need​ to​ do.

1.6​ We​ do​ not​ offer​ the​ Service​ in​ all​ countries.​ You​ can​ call​ us,​ visit​ our​ website​ or​ ask​ an​ Agent​ to​ find​ out​ the​ availability​ of​ our​ Service,​ and addresses​ and​ opening​ times​ of​ locations​ offering​ the​ Service.​


2.1​ You​ must​ pay​ us​ the​ fee​ stated​ in​ the​ form.​ We​ will​ not​ charge​ you​ any​ other​ fee​ for​ the​ Transfer.​ You​ can​ only​ send​ money​ in​ a​ certain currency​ or​ currencies.​ The​ Agent​ will​ tell​ you​ whether​ a​ payout​ currency​ is​ available​ in​the​ receive​ country​ and​ (if​ different​ to​ the​ currency​ in which​ you​ pay​ us)​ what​ exchange​ rate​ will​ apply.​ Your​ chosen​ currency,​ the​ agreed​ exchange​ rate​ and​ the​ converted​ amount​ will​ be​ stated​ in​ the form.

2.2​ For​ cash​ to​ cash​ Transfers​ to​ certain​ countries:​ (i)​ if​ the​ Transfer​ amount​ is​ stated​ in​ U.S.​ Dollars,​ and​ the​ Recipient’s​ Agent​ does​ not​ pay​ out in​ that​ currency,​ they​ will​ convert​ the​ money​ into​ the​ local​ currency​ using​ either​ their​ or​ MoneyGram’s​ standard​ exchange​ rate;​ (ii)​ if​ the​ money (whatever​ foreign​ currency​ it​ is​ sent​ in)​ is​ not​ collected​ within​ 45​ days,​ the​ Recipient’s​ Agent​ may​ recalculate​ the​ converted​ amount​ at​ the​ time of​ collection,​ using​ their​ or​ MoneyGram’s​ standard​ exchange​ rate.


3.1​ There​ are​ limits​ on​ the​ amount​ you​ are​ able​ to​ send.​ The​ Agent​ will,​ as​ necessary,​ tell​ you​ what​ they​ are.​ We​ may​ refuse​ to​ send​ the​ money or​ allow​ it​ to​ be​ collected​ if​ we​ reasonably​ believe​ that:​ (a)​ by​ doing​ so​ we​ might​ break​ any​ law,​regulation,​ code​ or​ other​ duty​ that​ applies​ to​ us; (b)​ doing​ so​ may​ expose​ us​ to​ action​ from​ any​ government​ or​ regulator;​ or​ (c)​ it​ may​ be​ linked​ with​ fraudulent​ or​ illegal​ activity.


4.1​ You​ do​ not​ have​ a​ right​ to​ cancel​ the​ Transfer.​ We​ may​ nevertheless​ be​ able​ to​ cancel​ it​ before​ the​ Recipient​ collects​ or​ receives​ the​ money. If​ you​ wish​ to​ cancel​ the​ Transfer​ and​ request​ a​ refund​ of​ the​ Transfer​ amount,​ you​ can​ ask​ an​ Agent​ or​ write​ to​ us​ enclosing​ a​ copy​ of​ your completed​ form.​ We​ aim​ to​ process​ such​ requests​ promptly​ but​ in​ any​ case​ within​ 30​ days.


5.1​ If​ you​ ask​ us​ to​ make​ a​ Transfer​ to​ be​ collected​ in​ cash​ and​ the​ Transfer​ amount​ has​ not​ been​ collected​ within​ 90​ days,​ we​ will​ treat​ the Transfer​ as​ no​ longer​ capable​ of​ execution​ (an​ “Expired​ Transfer”).​ We​ will​ have​ no​ obligation,​ after​ that​ 90​ day​ period,​ to​ execute​ an​ Expired Transfer.​ If​ an​ Expired​ Transfer​ occurs,​ you​ will​ be​ entitled​ to​ a​ refund​ of​ the​ amount​ of​ the​ Expired​ Transfer.​ If​ you​ become​ aware​ that​ a transferred​ amount​ has​ not​ been​ collected​ please​ contact​ us​ to​ ask​ for​ a​ refund.​


6.1​ In​ order​ to​ collect​ the​ money​ and​ complete​ a​ Transfer,​ the​ following​ must​ be​ provided:​ (i)​ Identification;​ (ii)​ the​ recipient’s​ details​ from​ the form;​ (iii)​ the​ Sender’s​ name;​ and​ (iv)​ the​ Transfer​ amount.​

6.2​ For​ certain​ Transfers​ (depending​ on​ the​ receive​ country​ and​ amount​ -​ your​ Agent​ has​ the​ details)​ the​ test​ answer​ you​ have​ set​ in​ the​ form, and​ /​ or​ the​ 8​ digit​ reference​ number​ given​ to​ you​ at​ the​ time​ of​ the​ Transfer,​ may​ also​ be​ required​ to​ collect​ the​ money.

6.3​ You​ must​ not​ give​ the​ details​ referred​ to​ in​ condition​ 5.1​ or​ (if​ they​ are​ required​ to​ collect​ the​ money)​ in​ condition​ 5.2​ to​ anyone​ other​ than your​ chosen​ Recipient.​ You​ must​ also​ do​ all​ you​ reasonably​ can​ to​ make​ sure​ no​ one​ else​ can​ obtain​ them​ -​ for​ example,​ by​ (i)​ not​ letting​ anyone see​ the​ form;​ and​ (c)​ not​ trusting​ a​ person​ (other​ than​ the​ Recipient)​ who​ tries​ to​ assure​ you​ it​ is​ safe​ to​ disclose​ some​ or​ all​ of​ those​ details​ to them.


7.1​ We​ will​ send​ the​ money​ to​ the​ account​ you​ specify​ in​ the​ form.​ For​ information​ on​ when​ a​ payment​ will​ be​ credited​ to​ such​ an​ account,​ you need​ to​ contact​ the​ Recipient’s​ account​ provider.​

7.2​ The​ Recipient’s​ account​ provider​ may​ apply​ its​ own​ charges​ to​ the​ Transfer,​ which​ do​ not​ involve​ us.

7.3​ If​ you​ ask​ us​ to​ send​ money​ to​ an​ account​ and​ the​ Transfer​ was​ not​ made​ properly​ or​ never​ arrived,​ we​ will​ promptly​ refund​ your​ money​ and our​ fee​ -​ unless​ we​ can​ show​ that​ the​ account​ provider​ received​ the​ money​ or​ that​ there​ was​ a​ mistake​ in​ the​ Recipient’s​ account​ details​ that​ you gave​ us.​


8.1​ In​ addition​ to​ their​ offering​ of​ our​ Service,​ Agents​ may​ offer​ you​ their​ own​ products​ or​ services​ such​ as​ currency​ exchange.​ These​ additional products​ or​ services​ are​ separate​ and​ independent​ from​ the​ Service,​ are​ offered​ under​ the​ Agent’s​ own​ terms​ and​ conditions,​ and​ do​ not​ involve MoneyGram​ in​ any​ way.​ These​ additional​ products​ and​ services​ are​ likely​ to​ have​ their​ own​ fees​ associated​ with​ them.


9.1​ We​ will​ not​ be​ liable​ to​ you​ if​ we​ break​ this​ Agreement​ due​ to:​ (i)​ abnormal​ and​ unforeseeable​ circumstances​ outside​ our​ control​ where​ we could​ not​ avoid​ breaking​ this​ Agreement​ despite​ all​ efforts​ to​ the​ contrary​ -​ this​ may​ include,​ for​ example,​ delays​ or​ failures​ caused​ by​ industrial action,​ problems​ with​ another​ system​ or​ network,​ mechanical​ breakdown​ or​ data-processing​ failures;​ or​ (ii)​ our​ obligations​ under​ English​ or​ other applicable​ laws​ to​ which​ we​ may​ be​ subject​ to.​

9.2​ We​ are​ not​ liable​ to​ you​ for​ more​ than​ the​ amount​ of​ money​ you​ send​ and​ our​ fee.​ We​ will​ not​ be​ liable​ for​ any​ incidental,​ indirect,​ special​ or consequential​ losses​ or​ costs​ you​ suffer​ or,​ as​ this​ Agreement​ is​ made​ with​ you​ as​ a​ consumer,​ any​ business​ losses​ or​ costs​ (such​ as​ loss​ of​ business profits​ or​ opportunities).

9.3​ Our​ Service​ is​ for​ persons​ 18​ years​ and​ over​ and​ may​ not​ be​ used​ for​ escrow​ or​ trust​ or​ gambling​ purposes,​ and​ may​ only​ be​ used​ for​ a​ lawful purpose.​ Please​ also​ read​ the​ fraud​ warnings​ on​ the​ form.​ If​ you​ ask​ us​ to​ pay​ someone​ who​ turns​ out​ to​ have​ defrauded​ you,​ or​ who​ fails​ to​ meet their​ obligations​ to​ you,​ we​ will​ not​ be​ liable​ as​ a​ result.


10.1​ We​ will​ report​ money​ transfers​ to​ any​ government​ authorities​ if​ we​ are​ required​ to​ do​ so​ by​ law.​

10.​ 2​ The​ Transfer​ and​ use​ of​ our​ Service​ does​ not​ involve​ you​ or​ the​ Recipient​ having​ a​ “deposit”​ or​ an​ account​ with​ MoneyGram.

10.3​ These​ conditions​ have​ been​ prepared,​ and​ will​ be​ executed,​ in​ the​ English​ language,​ which​ shall​ be​ the​ governing​ language​ for​ all​ purposes. In​ the​ event​ of​ any​ conflict​ between​ the​ English​ version​ of​ the​ Agreement​ and​ any​ translated​ version​ of​ the​ Agreement,​ the​ English​ version​ of​ the Agreement​ shall​ govern​ and​ we​ will​ communicate​ with​ you​ in​ English.​


11.1​ By​ continuing​ with​ the​ transaction,​ you​ consent​ to​ the​ collection,​ use,​ disclosure,​ and​ transfer​ (including​ cross-border​ transfer)​ of​ your personal​ information​ as​ described​ in​ our​ Privacy​ Notice,​ which​ is​ available​ on​ our​ website​ at​​ /​ privacy-notice.


12.1​ We​ are​ committed​ to​ ensuring​ that​ you​ receive​ high​ quality​ service​ from​ us.​ In​ the​ event​ that​ you​ are​ dissatisfied​ with​ our​ Service​ or​ believe an​ error​ has​ occurred​ with​ your​ Transfer,​ please​ contact​ us​ as​ soon​ as​ possible.​ For​ full​ details​ of​ our​ complaints​ procedure​ or​ consumer​ protection advice,​ or​ to​ submit​ a​ complaint,​ you​ can:​

  • visit​ our​ website​​ and​ submit​ the​ online​ form;​
  • write​ an​ email​ to​ [email protected];​ or​
  • write​ to​ us​ at:​ MoneyGram,​ Konstruktorska​ Business​ Centre,​ 13​ Konstruktorska​ Street,​ Warsaw,​ Poland​ 02-673.
This service allows you to send money directly to Philippino Peso (PHP) bank accounts in the Philippines. Your recipient will receive a guaranteed PHP amount.
Accepted transactions destined for BDO accounts will be credited to your receivers account within minutes. All other accepted transactions will be deposited to your receivers account the same day (if sent out during business day before 11am Manila time) or next business day. 
You can send funds to accounts at any banks in the Philippines mentioned under the tab Participating Banks.
Yes you can, make sure all details are entered as requested.
In addition to your standard details we also need to know the recipients name (first and last), their bank name and account number. 
No.  MoneyGram will derive this data based on the bank name selected during the transaction.
The reciever can find their account number on their bank statements and check books.  If they cannot find this easily, please ask them to contact their bank.
No.  The bank does not charge fees for deposits from MoneyGram.
No, the money will be automatically deposited into their bank account.
There are 2 options to check the status of MoneyGrado transaction:
  • Option 1: Customer/ABA Branch staff can access this MoneyGram tracking link to check the status enquiry
  • Option 2: Sender contact ABA TTSupport at for assistance. ABA TTSupport will reach out to MoneyGram Customer Services to trace the transaction.
Allied BankHSBC Savings
Amanah Islamic BankInternational Exchange Bank
ABN Amro BankLand Bank of the Philippines
Allied Savings BankLuzon Development Bank
AMA BankMalayan Bank
ANZ BankMayBankPhils
Asia United BankMetropolitan Bank and Trust Company (MetroBank)
Banco de Oro (BDO)One Network Bank
Bangkok BankPen Bank
Bank of CommercePhilippine Bank of Communications - PBCOM
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)Philippine Savings Bank
Bank of TokyoPhilippine Trust Bank
Bank One Savings and Trust CorpPhilippine Veterans Bank
BPI Family Savings BankPhilippines Business Bank
China BankPhilippines National Bank (PNB)
China Bank SavingsPlanters Bank
China Trust BankPostal Bank
CitibankPremier Bank
Citibank SavingsRCBC - Rizal Commercial Banking Corp
City Estate Savings BankRCBC Savings Bank
City Savings BankRobinson Savings Bank
Deutsche BankSecurity Bank Corporation
Development Bank of the Philippines - DBP Security Bank Savings
East West Bank - EWBStandard Chartered Bank
Equicom Savings BankSterling Bank
Far Eastern BankSummit Bank
Filipino Savers Bank (A Rural Bank)UCPB - United Coconut Planters Bank
First Allied BankUCPB Savings Bank
First Consolidated BankUnion Bank of the Philippines
First Macro BankUnited Overseas Bank
HSBCVeterans Bank 

Visit one of our branches and meet our Relationship Managers who will guide you through the application procedure, or give us a call at 1 800 203 203 for further information.

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