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We​ introduced​ the​ Small​ Business​ Loan​ to​ help​ you​ expand​ your​ existing​ business​ even​ further!​ The​ Small​ Business​ Loan​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ offers​ loan​ amounts​ from​ 5,000​ USD​ up​ to​ 200,000​ USD,​ lower​ interest​ rates​ and​ longer​ repayment​ terms​ of​ up​ to​ 10​ years.​ You​ can​ also​ use​ our​ refinancing​ service​ if​ you​ are​ an​ existing​ borrower​ and​ want​ to​ improve​ your​ loan​ conditions!

We​ want​ your​ business​ to​ succeed,​ and​ we​ will​ help​ your​ family​ to​ realize​ your​ business​ dreams.


Financing​ Purpose
  • Capital​ Expenditure​ Financing​ (CAPEX​ Financing)
  • Working​ Capital​ Requirements
  • Operational​ Needs
  • Investment​ and​ other​ business​ needs
Currency​ USD KHR
Loan​ amount​ 5,000​ –​ 200,000 20​ million​ –​ 800​ million​
Loan​ term Up​ to​ 10​ years
Repayment​ mode​ Periodic​ repayment​ principal​ and​ interest
Interest​ Rate​ Negotiable

Conditions​ are​ subject​ to​ the​ Bank’s​ sole​ discretion​ in​ changing​ it​ without​ prior​ notice​ to​ customers.

What​ type​ of​ collateral​ do​ I​ need​ to​ provide?

You can provide the following collateral to the Bank:


  • Real estate property (Soft or Strong title) or
  • Store ownership Certificate under own name


  • Third Party, corporate and bank guarantees
  • Another type of collateral, negotiable with the Bank

Main advantages

  • Competitive​ financing​ amount​
  • Competitive​ interest​ rate
  • Competitive​ loan​ tenor​
  • Third​ party​ collateral​ acceptance
  • Conducting​ business​ in​ Cambodia​ with​ minimum​ 12​ months​ in​ operation
  • ​Age​ of​ borrower​ must​ be​ over​ 18​ years​ and​ not​ exceeding​ 75​ years​ during​ loan​ tenor
  • Soft​ title/strong​ title​ real​ estate​ property​ (in​ own​ name​ or​ in​ third​ party​ name)​ as​ collateral​ for​ the​ loan.
  • No​ adverse​ repayment​ history.

While​ rendering​ banking​ services​ to​ clients​ in​ either​ lending​ operations​ and​ deposits​ or​ opening​ accounts​ with​ ABA​ Bank,​ its​ management​ and​ staff​ shall​ refrain​ from​ relationship​ with​ the​ following​ prohibited​ business​ and​ activities:​

  1. Transaction​ using​ anonymous​ account​ and​ accounts​ in​ fictious​ name
  2. Shell​ Company​ (company​ which​ has​ no​ physical​ presence)
  3. Any​ person​ or​ entity​ mentioned​ in​ UN,​ EU​ and​ OFAC​ list​ and​ other​ as​ determined​ by​ senior​ management
  4. Unregulated​ business​ such​ as​ private​ money​ lending,​ unlicensed​ money​ transmitting,​ etc.​ and​ business​ which​ produces​ or​ trades​ illegal​ products
  5. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ weapons​ and​ munitions​ as​ such​ listed​ in​ appendixes​ of​ law​ on​ anti-terrorism
  6. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ alcoholic​ beverages
  7. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ tobacco
  8. Gambling,​ casinos​ and​ equivalent​ enterprises
  9. Trade​ in​ wildlife​ or​ wildlife​ products​ and​ product​ regulated​ under​ the​ Convention​ on​ International​ Trade​ in​ Endangered​ Species​ or​ Wild​ Fauna​ and​ Flora​ (CITES)
  10. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ radioactive​ material
  11. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ or​ use​ of​ unbounded​ asbestos​ fibers
  12. Trading​ or​ purchase​ of​ logging​ equipment​ and​ commercial​ logging​ operations
  13. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ pharmaceuticals​ subject​ to​ international​ phase​ outs​ or​ bans​ such​ as​ ozone​ depleting​ substances
  14. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ pesticides/herbicides​ subject​ to​ international​ phase​ outs​ or​ bans
  15. Production​ or​ trade​ in​ product​ containing​ polychlorinated​ biphenyls​ -​ a​ group​ of​ highly​ toxic​ chemicals​ which​ are​ likely​ to​ be​ found​ in​ oil-filled​ electrical​ transformers,​ capacitors​ and​ switchgear
  16. Unsustainable​ fishing​ method​ -​ such​ as​ drift​ net​ fishing​ in​ the​ marine​ environment​ using​ nets​ in​ excess​ of​ 2.5​ km​ in​ length
  17. Production​ or​ activities​ involving​ harmful​ or​ exploitative​ forms​ of​ forced​ labor​ or​ harmful​ child​ labor
  18. All​ kinds​ of​ Ponzi​ or​ HYIP​ schemes,​ e.g.,​ Telex-free​ service
  19. Cross-border​ trade​ in​ waste​ and​ waste​ products,​ unless​ compliance​ to​ the​ Basel​ Convention​ and​ the​ underlying​ regulations
  20. Destruction​ of​ High​ Conservation​ Value​ areas​ which​ are​ defined​ as​ natural​ habitats​ where​ these​ values​ are​ considered​ to​ be​ of​ outstanding​ significance​ or​ critical​ importance (see​
  21. Pornography​ and/or​ prostitution
  22. Racist​ and/or​ anti-democratic​ media
  23. Transactions​ for​ or​ to​ facilitate​ the​ circulation,​ purchase,​ sales,​ settlement,​ and​ promote​ Crypto​ currencies,​ and​ any​ similar​ electronic​ commodities​ which​ are​ not​ certified/recognized​ by​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia​ in​ whatever​ context.

Important information

Terms​ and​ conditions​ are​ subject​ to​ change​ at​ the​ Bank's​ sole​ discretion​ without​ prior​ notice​ to​ customers.​ For​ more​ information,​ please​ visit​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ Bank​ branch,​ our​ website or​ call​ our​ hotline​ at 1​ 800​ 203​ 203 available​ 24/7​ for​ you.


If​ you​ are​ interested​ in​ making​ your​ monthly​ loan​ repayments​ lower,​ ABA​ Bank​ offers​ Refinancing​ service.​ We​ can​ provide​ you​ with​ a​ loan​ on​ lower​ rates​ and​ longer​ terms,​ so​ you​ will​ save​ your​ money​ and​ will​ be​ able​ to​ invest​ more​ in​ your​ business​ on​ better​ conditions​ and​ hassle-free!

Once​ your​ application​ is​ approved​ by​ ABA,​ you​ can​ pay​ off​ your​ current​ loan​ including​ any​ early​ repayment​ charges​ and​ even​ get​ an​ opportunity​ to​ apply​ for​ an​ additional​ loan.​ Our​ professional​ loan​ officers​ will​ take​ care​ of​ all​ process​ for​ switching​ your​ loan​ from​ your​ previous​ financial​ institution​ within​ one​ business​ day.

Just​ call​ or​ meet​ one​ of​ our​ loan​ officers,​ who​ will​ provide​ you​ with​ an​ advice​ and​ help​ you​ to​ decide​ whether​ refinancing​ is​ right​ for​ you.

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