Visa Direct Transfers

ABA​ Bank​ together​ with​ Visa​ are​ bringing​ you​ the​ next​ generation​ of​ digital,​ cross​ border​ money​ transfers​ in​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​

Now,​ you​ can​ enjoy​ the​ real-time1​ and​ safe​ money​ transfer​ experience​ using​ Visa’s​ payment​ platform,​ Visa​ Direct,​ to​ send​ money​ from​ your​ smartphone​ to​ your​ recipient’s​ bank​ account​ through​ their​ card​ number​ domestically​ and​ internationally2​ at​ competitive​ fees.

1​ Visa​ requires​ banks​ to​ make​ funds​ available​ to​ recipient​ cardholders​ within​ a​ maximum​ of​ 30​ minutes​ of​ approving​ the​ transaction.​ Actual​ availability​ of​ funds​ is​ subject​ to​ banking​ hours,​ system​ availability​ and​ compliance​ with​ regulatory​ requirements.
2 Cross-border transfer availability is constantly expanding. Currently, over 60 additional countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas, and more can be reached with transfers.

Why​ Visa​ Direct?

Visa​ Direct​ provides​ facilities​ to​ send​ and​ receive​ money​ efficiently​ and​ securely​ to​ family​ members,​ friends​ and​ partners​ in​ a​ matter​ of​ minutes​ using​ the​ existing​ Visa​ cards.​ Visa​ Direct​ is:

  • Simple​ –​ funds​ deliver​ directly​ to​ accounts​ using​ a​ 16-digit​ Visa​ card​ number;
  • Fast​ –​ funds​ can​ be​ available​ within​ 30​ minutes​ after​ approval;
  • Secure​ –​ backed​ by​ Visa’s​ leading​ payment​ security;​ and
  • Easy​ to​ use​ –​ forget​ about​ account​ numbers,​ bank​ IDs,​ SWIFT​ codes​ or​ routing​ numbers.

Fees​ and​ limits

Send modeRange (USD)Fee (USD)
Domestic transfer to Cambodian Visa card10.00 - 500.50
50.01 - 1000.60
100.01 - 5001.00
500.01 - 1,0001.50
1,000.01 - 2,0002.50
2,000.01 - 2,5003.50
International transfer to Visa card issued in Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.10.00 - 5005.00
500.01 - 1,00010
1,000.01 - 2,00020
2,000.01 - 2,50030

Additional​ information

  • To​ receive​ via​ Visa​ Direct,​ ABA​ customer​ needs​ to​ provide​ their​ name​ and​ the​ 16-digit​ card​ number​ to​ the​ sender.​ ABA​ customers​ will​ be​ notified​ via​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ once​ the​ funds​ are​ credited​ to​ their​ bank​ account.
  • Visa​ Direct​ is​ only​ available​ in​ USD​ for​ ABA​ customers​ and​ not​ available​ for​ transfers​ between​ ABA​ Visa​ cards.
  • Currency​ conversion​ is​ based​ on​ Visa​ exchange​ rate​ as​ of​ the​ time​ of​ transfer.
  • Single​ transaction​ limit​ is​ 10​ –​ 2,500​ USD.
  • Maximum​ daily​ transfer​ limit​ is​ 5,000​ USD​ with​ up​ to​ 10​ transactions.​
  • Maximum​ monthly​ transfer​ limit​ is​ 20,000​ USD​ with​ up​ to​ 20​ transactions.

How​ to​ transfer​ from​ ABA​ Visa​ card​ to​ another​ Visa​ card with Visa Direct

  1. Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ app
  2. Tap​ Transfers​ and​ select​ Transfer​ to​ VISA Card
  3. Select​ your​ Visa​ card​ to​ transfer​ money​ from
  4. Enter​ receiver’s​ Visa​ 16-digit​ card​ number​ and​ name
  5. Input​ the​ amount1 you​ wish​ to​ transfer
  6. Tap​ Transfer
  7. Check​ and​ verify​ the​ recipient's​ name,​ Visa​ card​ number​ and​ amount
  8. Confirm​ with​ your​ 4-digit​ ABA​ Mobile​ PIN.

1​ Fee​ in​ USD​ will​ be​ displayed​ after​ the​ transfer​ amount​ has​ been​ entered.

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Don’t​ have​ ABA​ Visa​ card​ yet?

You​ need​ a​ Visa​ card​ to​ enjoy​ this​ feature​ so​ if​ you​ do​ not​ have​ a​ plastic​ ABA​ Visa​ card​ yet,​ click​ here​ to​ apply.​ Or,​ issue​ yourself​ an​ ABA​ Visa​ virtual​ card​ instantly​ via​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​ To​ learn​ how,​ click​ here.​

Contact​ us​ instantly​ without​ leaving​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ by​ tapping​ the​ Contact​ Us​ button​ on​ the​ app’s​ main​ screen.​ Additionally,​ you​ can​ chat​ with​ us​ via​ Facebook​ Messenger,​ on​ our​ website​ or​ call​ us​ 24/7​ hotline​ at​ 098 203 203.

Visa​ Direct​ is​ a​ payments​ network​ of​ Visa​ Inc.​ for​ peer-to-peer​ (P2P)​ transactions​ that​ allows​ ABA​ Visa​ cardholders​ to​ make​ payments​ or​ transfer​ funds​ almost​ instantly​ from​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ to​ other​ Visa​ cards​ issued​ by​ other​ banks​ in​ Cambodia,​ Indonesia,​ Laos,​ Malaysia,​ Myanmar,​ Philippines,​ Singapore,​ Thailand,​ and​ Vietnam.​
You​ can​ send​ funds​ instantly​ to​ Visa​ cards​ issued​ by​ any​ bank​ in​ Cambodia.​
You​ should​ input​ the​ 16-digit​ number​ and​ receiver’s​ name,​ both​ of​ which​ can​ be​ found​ on​ the​ receiver’s​ Visa​ card.​ 
The​ maximum​ amount​ for​ the​ single​ transaction​ shall​ not​ exceed​ USD​ 2,500,​ while​ daily​ and​ monthly transactions​ shall​ not​ exceed​ USD​ 20,000​ or​ 10​ transactions​ a​ day​ and​ 20​ transactions​ a​ month.​
In​ case​ of​ a​ wrong​ transfer,​ inform​ ABA​ Contact​ Center​ on​ it​ immediately​ at​ 098 203 203 Always​ double-check​ the​ name​ and​ recipient​ information​ before​ confirming​ on​ the​ transfer​ in​ the​ app.
It​ is​ a​ real-time​ payments​ network​ allowing​ ABA​ customers​ to​ transfer​ money​ within​ 30​ minutes​ or​ less. Actual​ availability​ of​ money​ transfer​ is​ subject​ to​ banking​ hours,​ system​ availability,​ and​ compliance​ with​ regulatory​ requirements.
No.​ There​ is​ no​ service​ fee​ for​ the​ beneficiary​ to​ receive​ money.
No,​ you​ cannot​ cancel​ the​ transaction​ once​ it​ has​ been​ submitted.​ Hence,​ please​ ensure​ the​ details​ are​ correct​ before​ you​ proceed​ with​ the​ transfer.
After​ you​ perform​ the​ transaction,​ you​ can​ proceed​ to​ Notifications​ section​ of​ the​ app​ and​ see​ the​ amount​ of​ funds​ that​ was​ blocked​ on​ your​ account​ for​ the​ transfer.
Yes,​ you​ can.​ Every​ new​ transaction​ is​ subject​ to​ the​ new​ fee​ charge.​ Please​ check​ the​ transfer​ limits​ and​ fees​ table​ above​ for​ more​ information.
The​ currency​ conversion​ is​ based​ on​ the​ exchange​ rate​ of​ Visa​ as​ of​ the​ time​ of​ transfer.
You​ can​ simply​ re-launch​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ verify​ your​ transaction​ history​ to​ check​ if​ thetransaction​ has​ been​ executed​ (active​ Internet​ connection​ required).​ In​ case​ of​ having​ any​ issues,​ please​ contact​ our​ 24/7​ Contact​ Center​ at​ 098 203 203​ for​ support.​
As our cross-border transfer network continues to grow, currently you can send and receive money with Visa cards to over 60 additional countries beyond Southeast Asia, spanning Europe, the Americas, and beyond.
Of​ course!​ Simply​ move​ the​ “Create​ Template”​ toggle​ when​ you​ make​ your​ first​ Visa​ Direct​ transfer​ in​ ABA​ Mobile,​ and​ the​ template​ for​ this​ transfer​ will​ be​ automatically​ added​ to​ the​ list​ of​ your​ templates​ under​ Quick​ Transfer​ menu​ of​ the​ app.