Mobile Savings Account

With the ABA Mobile app you can open Savings Accounts easily and without visiting our bank branch!

Earn and enjoy much higher interest per annum with Savings account in Khmer riels! To open your ABA account in KHR, just launch ABA Mobile, tap the New Account button, select Mobile Savings Account from the list, and choose KHR for your new account currency.

With designated Cash-in Machines (CiMs) and Cash Recycling Machines (CRMs), you can top up your new KHR Savings account easily. Read more here

Interest rate (p.a.) in USD

Daily BalanceInterest Rate2
USD ≤ 1,0000.10%
USD ≤ 10,0000.15%
USD ≤ 25,0000.20%
USD ≤ 50,0000.25%
USD ≤ 100,0000.35%
USD ≤ 500,0000.50%
USD > 500,0000.75%

Interest rate (p.a.) in KHR

Daily BalanceInterest Rate2
KHR ≤ 20,000,0001.00%
KHR ≤ 100,000,0001.25%
KHR > 100,000,0001.50%


Initial opening balance for residentsN/A
Initial opening balance for non-residents
Minimum ongoing balance
Number of Mobile SavingsCustomers is allowed to open up to 3 Mobile Savings accounts.
Interest paymentSemi-annual (fiscal year) or upon account closure
Operations conditionsThe operation of Mobile Savings shall be operated through all digital channels of ABA.
Account closure2ABA Bank Branch
Passbook3Passbook will not be provided
Early closureUSD 20/KHR 80,000 is applied for closing the account within 3 months from opening date
Access to deposit
  • ABA Bank Branches
  • ABA Mobile app
Monthly account serviceFree
Dormant fee4USD 10 / KHR 40,000/p.a.
Certify account balanceUSD 10 / KHR 40,000/piece
Audit confirmationUSD 10 / KHR 40,000/time

All Terms and Conditions are subject to ABA Bank’s sole discretion without prior notice to customers.

1​ Interest​ rate​ is​ accrued​ at​ 365​ (three​ hundred​ and​ sixty​ five)​ days​ a​ year,​ considering​ actual​ quantity​ of​ days​ a​ month.
2​ To close a mobile savings account, customer needs to visit any ABA branch in person.
3​ No​ Passbook​ is​ provided.​ Customer​ shall​ access​ the​ entry​ of​ account​ through​ ABA​ Mobile​ App.​ Optionally,​ customer​ can​ request​ passbook​ at​ any​ ABA​ branch​ at​ standard​ fee​ and​ charge​ applied.
System​ will​ automatically​ charge​ USD​ 10​ or​ KHR​ 40,000​ if​ Mobile​ Savings​ account​ is​ not​ operative​ for​ 12​ months​ and​ more.​


To open a Mobile Savings Account, please follow these requirements:

  • Customer should be an ABA Mobile app user.
  • Customer needs to have at least one Savings, Current, or Current Plus account before creating a Mobile Savings Account.
  • Mobile Savings Account is available for both individual resident and non-resident customers.

Don’t​ have​ ABA​ Mobile​ yet?​

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