ABA Caltex Fleet Card

​ABA Caltex Fleet Card is the co-branded card issued by ABA Bank for payments at all 64 Caltex gas stations in Cambodia.

The ABA Caltex Fleet Card allows businesses to purchase fuel on a credit basis. It is a secure, convenient, and affordable solution that can help corporate customers simplify the management of fuel expenses and exert control over their fleet expenditures.

With one card per vehicle, the company can easily track fuel spending, limit geography, pre-set spending limits, and freeze cards in case of suspected fraud. Accurate transaction reports help identify areas for further improvement. All this ultimately contributes to the improvement of the business’s operational efficiency.

Companies can apply for the card online and receive a credit limit based on their needs. The Card bears no issuance or annual fees, has a 5-year validity period, and can have the limit of up to USD 10,000.​


  • Cashless payment, verification with PIN before refueling, more secure than cash
  • Pre-set limit for each card and one card per vehicle only
  • All Fleet Cards’ transactions are recorded under one parent account, making it easier to control expenses
  • The transactions are automatically deducted from parent account, no additional real-time authorization required

​How to register​

More information

Still got questions on the ABA Caltex Fleet Card? Visit ABA Card Center at #148 Preah Sihanouk Blvd, Phnom Penh, call 098 203 555/225 or send an email to customerservice@remove-this.ababank.com, so our team can assist you with the request.