DBP Mobile Transfers

ABA Bank together with DBP Remit introduce the 24/7 way to transfer money from Cambodia to the Philippines – DBP Remit in ABA Mobile app!

Now, you can send out funds within minutes to your loved ones any time of the day. Once you are an ABA customer, you won't need to come to the bank branch in order to send money, but will be able to do it directly from ABA Mobile app.

Below are the main terms and conditions of DBP Mobile Transfer feature:

Transfer amount per transaction

  • Minimum per transaction: 10 USD
  • Maximum per transaction: 8,000 USD

How to transfer

  • STEP 1: Open ABA Mobile app and select" Transfers" from the main menu, select International Transfers.
  • STEP 2: Select “DBP Remit-Transfer to Philippines”.
  • STEP 3: Select Bank and Receiving currency
  • STEP 4: Complete all required information and click Transfer. All fields are mandatory except for Remarks.

Transfer fees

Mode of transferFee (USD)Delivery period
to DBP Peso account 10.00 Transaction will be processed within 1 hour by ABA Bank and fund will be credited based on beneficiary bank processing time.
to DBP USD account
to other bank Peso account 10.001
to other bank USD account

1 Beneficiary's bank charges, if any, will be deducted from the transfer amount.

Service mode Fee (USD)
1. DBP Account
a. Change in account number - Peso account5.00
b. Change in account number - USD account5.00
c. Change in beneficiary name5.00
2. Other Bank Account
a. Change in account number and beneficiary name Peso account5.00
b. Change in account number and beneficiary name  - USD Account (plus actual bank charge, if any)5.00
3. Cancellation
a. All services mode5.00

Amendment form

* Customers should personally come to the branch with the completed amendment form.

Please​ read​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ carefully.​ These​ terms​ and​ conditions​ are​ an​ Agreement​ between​ you​ (“the​ Applicant”),​ and​ Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​ (“the​ Bank”)​ on​ money​ transfers.​

1.​ The​ Applicant​ confirms​ that​ the​ provided​ information​ is​ true​ and​ correct​ and​ the​ Bank​ is​ not​ responsible​ for​ any​ delays,​ errors​ and​ omissions​ caused​ by​ misprinting​ and/or​ inaccuracy​ of​ the​ Applicant.

2.​ The​ Applicant​ authorizes​ the​ Bank​ to​ debit​ his/her​ account​ for​ the​ transfer​ amount​ and​ amount​ of​ commissions​ and​ fees.

3.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ confirms​ that​ the​ Bank​ and/or​ The​ Development​ Bank​ of​ the​ Philippines​ (DBP)​ may​ apply​ its​ internal​ currency​ exchange​ rate​ to​ process​ money​ transfer.

4.​ The​ Applicant​ authorizes​ the​ Bank​ to​ postpone,​ suspend​ or​ cancel​ the​ money​ transfer​ if​ the​ Bank​ or​ DBP,​ or​ beneficiary​ bank​ found​ that​ it​ may​ be​ related​ to​ unlawful​ conduct​ and/or​ breach​ of​ any​ national​ or​ international​ laws​ or​ regulations.​

5.​ The​ Applicant​ undertakes​ that​ the​ money​ transfer​ is​ not​ related​ to​ any​ illegal​ activities​ and/or​ money​ laundering​ and/or​ terrorism​ finance.​ The​ Bank​ has​ the​ right​ to​ reject​ or​ suspend​ any​ transfer​ if​ required​ for​ its​ AML/KYC​ purposes.

6.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ confirms​ that​ transaction​ will​ be​ processed​ subject​ to​ the​ satisfactory​ compliance​ review​ and​ that​ the​ funds​ will​ be​ credited​ based​ on​ beneficiary​ bank​ processing​ time.

7.​ The​ Applicant​ undertakes​ to​ provide​ additional​ information​ and/or​ documents​ related​ to​ the​ money​ transfer​ if​ requested​ by​ the​ Bank.

8.​ The​ Bank​ may​ change​ its​ fees​ and​ commissions​ as​ well​ as​ these​ Terms​ and​ Conditions​ from​ time​ to​ time​ without​ prior​ notice.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ agrees​ that​ beneficiary​ bank​ might​ charge​ its​ fees​ and​ such​ fees​ will​ be​ deducted​ from​ the​ transfer​ amount.

9.​ In​ case​ of​ the​ money​ transfer​ cancellation​ the​ Bank​ will​ return​ the​ Applicant's​ funds​ only​ upon​ receipt​ of​ funds​ from​ DBP​ or​ beneficiary​ bank.​ The​ Applicant​ understands​ and​ agrees​ that​ DBP​ and​ beneficiary​ bank​ might​ charge​ cancellation​ and​ other​ fees,​ and​ that​ the​ applied​ exchange​ rate​ may​ be​ changed.

10.​ The​ Bank​ is​ not​ responsible​ for​ any​ taxes,​ duties​ and​ other​ expenses,​ which​ might​ occur​ in​ other​ countries​ in​ relation​ to​ the​ money​ transfer.

11.​ The​ Bank​ may​ disclose​ the​ money​ transfer​ information​ to​ third​ parties​ in​ accordance​ with​ the​ legislation​ of​ the​ Kingdom​ of​ Cambodia​ including,​ but​ not​ limited​ by,​ court​ decisions,​ investigations​ and​ regulations.

12.​ To​ amend​ or​ cancel​ your​ transaction​ you​ should​ fill​ in​ and​ sign​ the​ amendment/cancellation​ form​ and​ personally​ bring​ it​ to​ any​ of​ our​ offices.​ Any​ request​ to​ amend​ or​ cancel​ the​ payment​ received​ by​ us​ via​ email​ or​ phone​ will​ be​ disregarded.​

Download amendment/cancellation​ form.​

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How to apply for ABA Account

Visit one of our branches and meet our Relationship Manager who will guide you through the application procedure or give us a call at 098 203 203 for further information.