ABA​ Mobile​ app​ brings​ you​ E-Cash​ service.​ It’s​ a​ simple​ and​ secure​ way​ to​ send​ funds​ to​ your​ friends,​ family,​ or​ even​ yourself​ using​ your​ smartphone​ and​ withdraw​ it​ 24/7​ at​ any​ ABA​ ATM.​ The​ best​ part?​ You​ won’t​ need​ a​ bankcard​ to​ withdraw​ the​ money!


EligibilityCustomers​ with​ ABA​ Mobile​ App
Applicable​ AccountAny​ Current​ or​ Savings​ Account​ (Except​ FD​ Account)
CurrencyUSD​ or​ KHR
Minimum​ amount​ per transactionUSD​ 100​ or​ KHR 50,000
Max​ amount​ per​ transactionUSD 1,000​ or​ KHR​ 2,000,000
Fee​ and​ charge​ conditions
  • Fee​ is​ not​ refundable​ (if​ customer​ does​ NOT​ withdraw​ the​ money​ from​ ATM​ within​ 24​ hours)
  • E-Cash​ amount​ (Principal​ amount)​ is​ refundable​ if​ customer​ does​ not​ withdraw​ the​ money​ from​ ATM within​ 24​ hours
E-Cash​ code​ validity24​ hours​ from​ the​ transaction​ time​
Daily​ transaction limit​ per customerUSD 3,000​ or​ KHR​ 12,000,000

All Terms and Conditions are subject to ABA Bank’s sole discretion without prior notice to customers.

Service fee

500​ 0.50

1 Amount in multiples of 100 USD

50,000 – 400,000400
450,000 – 500,000500
550,000 – 600,000600
650,000 – 700,000700
750,000 – 800,000800
850,000 – 900,000900
950,000 – 1,000,000​1,000
1,050,000 – 1,100,0001,100
1,150,000 – 1,200,0001,200
1,250,000 – 1,300,0001,300
1,350,000 – 1,400,0001,400
1,450,000 – 1,500,0001,500
1,550,000 – 1,600,0001,600
1,650,000 – 1,700,0001,700
1,750,000 – 1,800,0001,800
1,850,000 – 1,900,0001,900
1,950,000 – 2,000,0002,000

2 Amount in multiples of 50,000 KHR, maximum 2,000,000 KHR per transaction

How to to use E-Cash

  1. Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ tap​ E-Cash​
  2. Select​ the​ account1​ from​ which​ you​ want​ to​ send​ money​ to​ ATM​
  3. Enter​ the​ amount2​ you​ wish​ to​ be​ withdrawn​ from​ ATM
  4. Click​ ‘SEND’​ to​ perform​ the​ transaction

1​ Select​ USD​ account​ if​ you​ want​ to​ send​ money​ in​ USD​ and​ select​ KHR​ account​ if​ you​ want​ to​ send​ money​ in​ KHR.
​ The​ withdrawal​ amount​ is​ 100​ –​ 1,000​ USD​ or​ 50,000​ –​ 2,000,000​ KHR​ per​ transaction.​ The​ maximum​ daily​ limit​ is​ 3,000 USD​ or​ 12,000,000​ KHR.

After​ that,​ you​ will​ see​ the​ secret​ 6-digit​ code​ that​ you​ or​ your​ recipient​ need​ to​ use​ in​ order​ to​ withdraw​ the​ cash​ from​ the​ ATM.​ You​ can​ also​ share​ the​ code​ with​ your​ relative​ by​ using​ the​ red​ button​ on​ the​ screen​ via​ the​ apps​ available​ on​ your​ phone​ (SMS,​ messenger,​ Facebook,​ etc.).​ In​ addition,​ the​ secret​ code​ will​ appear​ in​ the​ push​ notification​ and​ can​ also​ be​ found​ in​ the​ Notifications​ section.

How to withdraw

In​ order​ to​ withdraw​ the​ cash​ using​ E-Cash​ service,​ the​ recipient​ should​ do​ the​ following:

  • ​Find​ the​ nearest​ ABA​ Bank​ ATM
  • Press​ “Accept”​ or​ “Enter”​ button​ to​ activate​ the​ ATM
  • ​Select​ language
  • Tap​ E-Cash​ button​ on​ the​ screen
  • Select​ currency​ (USD​ or​ KHR)
  • Enter​ the​ exact​ amount​ of​ E-Cash​ transaction
  • Enter​ the​ secret​ 6-digit​ E-Cash​ code.

Get​ ABA​ Mobile

To​ start​ using​ E-Cash​ service,​ you​ need​ to​ download​ and​ register​ ABA​ Mobile.​ It​ is​ FREE!​ Click​ the​ icon​ below​ to​ download​ the​ app​ from​ Apple's App store, Google's Play Store or Huawei's AppGallery.​ After​ downloading,​ simply​ follow​ the​ screen​ instructions​ to​ start​ mobile​ banking!