Outward SWIFT Mobile Transfers

To​ make​ your​ banking​ experience​ with​ us​ even​ more​ convenient​ and​ efficient,​ we​ introduce​ you​ Outward​ SWIFT​ Mobile​ Transfers​ in​ USD​ via​ ABA​ Mobile​ app.​

This​ feature​ will​ save​ you​ a​ lot​ of​ time​ as​ you​ can​ transfer​ funds​ abroad​ right​ from​ your​ smartphone​ without​ having​ to​ pay​ a​ visit​ to​ ABA​ branch!​ The​ transfer​ can​ be​ done​ 24/7​ from​ the​ comfort​ of​ your​ home​ or​ office.

Benefits​ of​ processing​ Outward​ SWIFT​ Transfers​ in​ ABA​ Mobile:

  • The​ SWIFT​ transfers​ in​ the​ app​ use​ the​ same​ transfer​ rates​ as​ in-branch​ transactions,​ so​ you​ don’t​ need​ to​ travel​ to​ ABA​ branch​ anymore.
  • You​ can​ create​ a​ template​ for​ your​ frequent​ outward​ SWIFT​ transactions​ to​ save​ time.
  • You​ can​ download​ the​ transaction​ details​ in​ PDF​ for​ your​ further​ reference.
  • If​ your​ transaction​ has​ invalid​ details,​ the​ transfer​ will​ not​ go​ through​ and​ funds​ will​ be​ automatically​ credited​ back​ to​ your​ account​ in​ full​ (including​ fees).​ After​ that,​ you​ can​ amend​ and​ re-submit​ the​ transaction.

Fees​ and​ Charges

  • Flat​ transfer​ fee​ of​ 15​ USD​ (or​ the​ special​ rate​ provided​ to​ you​ by​ the​ Bank)​ per​ transfer.
  • Additional​ fee​ of​ 30​ USD​ will​ be​ applied​ if​ the​ option​ “OUR”​ is​ selected​ (full​ transfer​ amount​ delivered​ to​ the​ Receiver’s​ bank).

For​ more​ details​ on​ fees​ and​ charges,​ please​ refer​ to​ the​ Terms​ &​ Conditions​ for​ money​ transfers.

Like​ other​ features​ of​ ABA​ Mobile,​ Outward​ SWIFT​ Mobile​ Transfers​ is​ easy​ to​ use​ and​ has​ user-friendly​ interface.​ Simply​ launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ on​ your​ smartphone,​ proceed​ to​ Transfers​ section​ and​ choose​ Outward​ SWIFT​ Transfer.​ To​ complete​ the​ transfer​ form,​ please​ fill​ in​ this​ mandatory​ information:

  • Select​ your​ account​ number​ to​ transfer.
  • Input​ your​ valid​ phone​ number.
  • Fill​ in​ the​ Receiver’s​ information​ such​ as​ name​ and​ address,​ and​ then​ select​ country.​
  • Input​ Receiver’s​ bank’s​ SWIFT​ code,​ so​ the​ app​ will​ display​ receiver’s​ bank​ name​ and​ address,​ and​ other​ fields​ based​ on​ the​ receiver’s​ country​ requirement.
  • Input​ Receiver’s​ account​ or​ IBAN​ number.
  • Input​ the​ transfer​ amount.
  • Choose​ who​ should​ pay​ the​ transfer​ fees.​ There​ are​ 3​ options​ to​ choose​ from​ –​ SHA,​ OUR,​ or​ BEN.​
  • Input​ Purpose​ of​ transfer.
  • Input​ Intermediary​ bank​ SWIFT​ Code​ (optional).
  • Click​ “I​ have​ read​ and​ agree​ to​ the​ Terms​ &​ Conditions”​ and​ tap​ DONE,​ so​ the​ app​ will​ automatically​ calculate​ the​ fees​ and​ the​ total​ transfer​ amount.
  • If​ all​ the​ information​ is​ correct,​ click​ TRANSFER​ button​ and​ confirm​ the​ transaction​ with​ your​ personal​ 4-digit​ PIN.

Note:​ There​ are​ specific​ requirements​ for​ certain​ countries​ as​ below:​

Destination Country Mandatory for ABA customer to input
USA Routing Number/Fedwire Number/ABA
United Kingdom Sort code
New Zealand BSB Number
Australia BSB Number
Canada Transit Number and Institution Number
Thailand Branch Name
Japan Branch Name/Branch Code
Latvia Intermediary Bank
Vanuatu Intermediary Bank
UAE Purpose Code
  • Minimum​ per​ transaction:​ 100​ USD
  • Maximum​ per​ transaction:​ 9,900​ USD
  • Maximum​ per​ day:​ 9,900​ USD
  • Maximum​ per​ month:​ 50,000​ USD

Other​ Terms​ and​ Conditions

  • You​ can​ initiate​ transfer​ 24/7.​ However,​ the​ cut-off​ time​ for​ processing​ is​ 4​ pm​ on​ business​ days​ (Mon-Fri).​ Hence,​ any​ transaction​ submitted​ within​ the​ cut-off​ time​ will​ be​ processed​ on​ the​ same​ day;​ the​ transaction​ submitted​ after​ the​ cut-off​ time​ will​ be​ processed​ on​ the​ next​ business​ day​ of​ the​ Bank.
  • Outward​ SWIFT​ Transfer​ is​ only​ supported​ in​ USD​ currency.
  • The​ latest​ version​ of​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ should​ be​ installed​ on​ the​ customer’s​ smartphone​ to​ avail​ this​ feature.
  • To​ amend​ and/or​ cancel​ the​ processed​ transactions,​ customer​ needs​ to​ visit​ the​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ with​ the​ completed​ OTT​ Amendment/Trace/Cancellation​ Form
  • For​ the​ full​ list​ of​ the​ service’s​ Terms​ &​ Conditions,​ please​ follow​ this​ link​.

General Terms and Conditions apply. You need Adobe Reader to view this PDF files.