Get​ USD​ 20​ instant​ discount​ from​ Smile​ Shop​ when​ order​ from​ ABA​ Mobile


Looking​ for​ a​ convenient​ and​ affordable​ way​ to​ shop?​ Look​ no​ further​ than​ our​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ under​ Services​ section!​ With​ our​ easy-to-use​ app,​ you​ can​ shop​ from​ the​ comfort​ of​ your​ own​ home​ and​ take​ advantage​ of​ our​ USD​ 20​ instant​ discount​ for​ your​ minimum​ order​ of​ USD​ 100​ from​ Smile​ shop​ from​ clothing,​ grocery​ to​ electronics,​ we’ve​ got​ everything​ you​ need.​ So​ why​ wait?​ Shop​ now​ and​ save​ big.​

New​ to​ ABA?​ You​ can​ download​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ open​ Instant​ Account​ with​ no​ paperwork​ or​ branch​ visit​ (valid​ Cambodian​ ID​ and​ phone​ number​ required)​ to​ take​ advantage​ of​ the​ promotion​ now.

Promotion​ Period:​ from​ April​ 18​ until​ budget​ lasts.

This promotion ended by the morning of 16 May 2023 due to the high redemption rate.

Promotion​ Mechanics:​ First​ 1,000​ ABA​ Mobile​ users​ will​ get​ an​ instant​ discount​ of​ USD​ 20​ on​ all​ items​ purchased​ on​ Smile​ Shop​ under​ the​ Services​ section​ of​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ with​ minimum​ spent​ of​ USD​ 100​ per​ order​ during​ the​ promotion​ period.

Terms​ and​ conditions

  • This​ promotion​ is​ eligible​ for​ all​ ABA​ Mobile​ users,​ first​ 1,000​ users​ only.
  • A​ successful​ transaction​ with​ minimum​ order​ of​ USD​ 100​ will​ get​ instant​ discount​ of​ USD​ 20
  • This​ promotion​ is​ applicable​ for​ all​ purchases​ of​ Smile​ Shop​ under​ the​ Services​ section​ of​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ during​ the​ promotion​ period.
  • This​ promotion​ cannot​ be​ used​ in​ conjunction​ with​ other​ promotions​ offered​ by​ ABA​ Bank​ and/or​ Smile​ Shop.
  • This​ promotion​ is​ on​ a​ first-come,​ first-served​ basis
  • ABA​ Bank​ and​ Smile​ Shop​ reserve​ the​ right​ at​ their​ discretion​ to​ change​ or​ amend​ the​ terms​ and​ conditions​ or​ terminate​ this​ promotion​ without​ prior​ notice.
  • ABA​ Bank​ and​ Smile​ Shop’s​ decision​ on​ any​ matter​ will​ be​ final,​ and​ no​ correspondence​ will​ be​ entertained.