Public​ Announcement​ on​ the​ operation​ of​ branches​ in​ Phnom​ Penh​ and​ Takhmao​ area


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Dear​ valued​ customers,

Following the recent decision of the Cambodian Government on the lockdown of the Phnom Penh and Takhmao area and in line with our continuous commitment to serve customers, we would like to inform you that our:

  • Central branch,
  • Independence Monument branch,
  • Samdach Monireth branch,
  • Chroy Chongvar branch,
  • Mao Tse Toung branch,
  • Russey Keo branch,
  • Chbar Ampov branch,
  • Stade Chas branch,
  • Toul Kork branch,
  • Teuk Thla branch,
  • Santhormok branch,
  • Sen Sok branch,
  • Central Market branch,
  • Phsar Deum Tkov branch,
  • Ou Baek Kaom branch,
  • Takhmao branch,
  • Chom Chao branch,
  • Borei Keyla branch,
  • Chamkar Doung branch,
  • Mittapheap branch,
  • Samdach Sothearos branch, and 
  • Operational Hall of the Head Office

will continue their operations from Wednesday 21 April 2021 onward with minimum capacity – Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 3 PM and for cash transactions only. The rest of the branches in Phnom Penh and Takhmao area will remain closed until further notice. This post will be updated regularly, so stay tuned!

All​ our​ ABA​ 24/7​ self-banking​ spots​ and​ self-banking​ areas​ in​ branches​ always​ remain​ open​ for​ you.​

We​ apologize​ for​ the​ temporary​ inconvenience​ and​ encourage​ you​ to​ use​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ for​ all​ your​ local​ and​ international​ transfers​ and​ payments,​ bill​ settlements,​ and​ food​ or​ online​ delivery​ payments.​ ABA​ Mobile​ allows​ Instant​ Account​ opening,​ where​ the​ account​ can​ be​ created​ without​ visiting​ the​ Bank​ and​ becomes​ available​ right​ after​ opening.​ More​ info, click here.

For​ businesses,​ we​ recommend​ using​ ABA​ Internet​ Banking​ for Business​ platform​.​ With​ this​ advanced​ service,​ companies​ of​ any​ size​ can​ manage​ their​ corporate​ finances​ while​ still​ being​ able​ to​ make​ payments​ and​ collections​ in​ a​ highly​ secured​ environment.

Thank​ you!