iBanking for Business

ABA​ iBanking​ for​ Business​ offers​ faster,​ smarter​ and​ more​ secure​ online​ banking​ for​ small,​ medium​ and​ large​ companies​ with​ comprehensive​ services​ accessible​ anytime,​ anywhere​ right​ from​ your​ computer.

With​ ABA​ iBanking​ for​ Business,​ you​ can​ pay​ company​ bills​ easily,​ process​ payrolls​ on​ time,​ transfer​ funds​ to​ your​ local​ and​ international​ suppliers​ securely,​ process​ batch​ transactions,​ get​ alerts​ and​ notifications​ on​ your​ account​ balances​ and​ many​ more.

Key Benefits

Real-time​ display​ of​ your​ accounts​ and​ cash​ positions​ from​ anywhere​ and​ anytime

​Hassle-free​ integration​ with​ your​ ERP​ /​ Accounting​ systems​

Timely​ alerts​ and​ notifications​ on​ your​ account​ balances​ and​ fund​ movements

​Secure​ initiation​ and​ authorization​ of​ financial​ and​ non-financial​ instructions​ based​ on​ your​ company​ rules​ and​ policies

​Real-time​ reconciliation​ of​ incoming​ funds​ to​ reduce​ your​ operational​ costs​ and​ reduce​ manual​ errors​ /​ omissions

​Single​ /​ multiple​ companies​ management


Payments​ and​ collections

  • Process​ payroll​ to​ bank​ accounts​ and/or​ e-wallets
  • Pay​ bills​ to​ a​ wide​ range​ of​ vendors​ including​ utilities,​ Internet/TV,​ phone,​ and​ others
  • Transfer​ to​ local​ banks
  • ​Transfer​ to​ partners​ or​ suppliers​ within​ or​ outside​ Cambodia
  • Setup​ batch​ payment​ processing
  • ​Set​ schedule​ to​ avoid​ late​ payments​
  • ​Manage​ checkbooks
  • ​Enjoy​ real-time​ payment​ reconciliations

Security​ and​ administrative​ control

  • ​Security​ Token​ that​ generates​ one​ time​ PINs​ for​ creation​ and​ authorization​ of​ transactions
  • ​Self​ and​ Dual-Authorization​ with​ multilevel​ approval​ process​ to​ suit​ your​ needs
  • Approve​ single​ or​ bulk​ transactions
  • Receive​ alerts​ and​ notifications​ on​ account​ balances,​ fund​ movements​ and​ others

Other​ advanced​ features

  • Open​ Fixed​ Deposit​ accounts
  • Cash​ Swap​ /​ Cash​ Pooling​ services
  • ​Forward​ exchange​ rate​ contracts​ for​ international​ transfers
  • Virtual​ Accounts​ for​ easy​ reconciliations​ of​ incoming​ funds
  • ​Host-To-Host​ solution​ to​ enable​ straight-through-processing​ from​ your​ ERP/accounting​ systems


Want to get started?

We believe in providing exceptional online banking service, tailored for your business needs. To learn more about our service, contact our Relationship Managers at your nearest ABA Branch. You can also call our contact center at +855 23 925 333 or get in touch with our iBanking team at [email protected]remove-this.ababank.com.