Five​ tips​ to​ recognize​ phishing​ emails​ and​ protect​ yourself


five tips to recognize phishing dt enfive tips to recognize phishing dt en

We​ are​ warning​ our​ valued​ customers​ to​ be​ extra​ vigilant​ of​ any​ emails,​ regardless​ of​ how​ genuine​ they​ may​ appear.​ Phishing​ scams​ are​ becoming​ increasingly​ common,​ and​ scammers​ are​ getting​ better​ at​ making​ their​ emails​ look​ legitimate.

Fortunately,​ there​ are​ several​ steps​ you​ can​ take​ to​ protect​ yourself​ from​ email​ scams​ and​ phishing​ attempts: ​

  • Pay​ great​ attention​ to​ the​ email​ address​ that​ is​ used​ to​ contact​ you;​ sometimes,​ it​ is​ just​ one​ letter​ that​ differentiates​ the​ scamming​ email​ address​ from​ the​ real​ one. Remember​ that​ ABA​ will​ never​ send​ you​ emails​ from​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​,​​ or​ other​ similar​ addresses,​ nor​ assign​ third​ parties​ to​ contact​ you​ to​ claim​ donation​ prizes,​ inheritance,​ gifts,​ etc.​ Our​ official​ emails​ come​ from​ the​​ domain​ only!
  • Be​ cautious​ of​ emails​ that​ ask​ for​ your​ bank​ account​ information​ or​ verification.​ It's​ important​ to​ remember​ that​ ABA​ or​ legitimate​ companies​ usually​ don’t​ ask​ for​ this​ information​ via​ email.
  • Be​ wary​ of​ offers​ that​ promise​ free​ money​ or​ prizes.​ These​ are​ often​ used​ to​ lure​ you​ into​ giving​ up​ your​ personal​ information​ or​ clicking​ on​ a​ malicious​ link.
  • Pay​ extra​ attention​ when​ the​ email​ starts​ with​ an​ intimidating​ message​ or​ urges​ you​ to​ click​ the​ link​ or​ download​ an​ attachment.​ Hover​ over​ the​ links​ without​ clicking​ them​ to​ see​ where​ they​ lead​ to.
  • Watch​ out​ for​ messages​ that​ create​ a​ sense​ of​ urgency​ and​ pressure​ you​ into​ taking​ an​ action.​ Scammers​ often​ use​ these​ tactics​ to​ make​ you​ act​ quickly​ without​ thinking​ it​ through.​ ​

By​ following​ these​ tips​ and​ being​ cautious​ when​ dealing​ with​ suspicious​ emails,​ you​ can​ protect​ yourself​ from​ these​ types​ of​ online​ threats​ and​ stay​ safe​ online.

If​ you​ have​ any​ concerns​ or​ questions,​ please​ contact​ us​ at​​ or​ call​ 1​ 800​ 203​ 203​ (toll-free​ inside​ Cambodia).​ For​ the​ calls​ from​ abroad,​ use​ +855​ 098​ 203​ 333.

Thank​ you​ and​ stay​ safe​ online!