ABA Bank Wins Cambodia’s Domestic Technology and Operation Bank of the Year


ABA Bank Wins Cambodia’s Domestic Technology and Operation Bank of the Year

The Asian leading financial magazine Asian Banking & Finance has recognized ABA Bank as a Cambodia’s Domestic Technology and Operation Bank of the Year. The Bank was acknowledged under the category of in the recent ABF’s Wholesale Banking Awards 2012. The award ceremony was held in Singapore at the annual event which was attended by over 150 representatives of bank industry from around Asia. 

ABA Bank was credited to receive this award for its continuous work on the innovation and development of technologically improved services to better serve its customers and to maintain their loyalty. 

ABA Bank Chief Executive Officer Mr. Askhat Azhikhanov commented, “It’s the first financial institution in Cambodia that has been selected in the category of “Domestic Technology and Operation Bank of the Year” and the second consecutive year that ABA bank was honoured to receive awards from Asian Banking and Finance. This award reflects the success of ABA bank in its domestic operations and its commitment to provide technologically advanced banking services to Cambodia as a whole.

Asian Banking and Finance Editor in Chief Mr. Timothy Charlton explained, “ABA Bank has shown commitment to deploying advanced banking technology for the benefits of its customers, such as ABA iBanking which remains one of the most secure and developed internet banking platforms in Cambodia. We believe ABA bank is well positioned for future growth and leadership in Cambodian Market.”

Asian Banking and Finance Magazine is one of the leading publications for banking and finance executives in Asia, focusing on commercial and retail banking and on securities market from a banking perspective. According to ABF’s, the nomination were screened by industry experts and partners from Accenture, Ernst and Young Advisory LLP and Deloitte Consulting, Southeast Asia. The judges looked at the nominees’ strategy, service or product based on what makes it different from others (innovation), how it benefits the market as a whole (effectiveness), and how flexible it is to changes and progressive opportunities (dynamism). 

About ABA Bank:
ABA Bank was founded in 1996 as an Advanced Bank of Asia Ltd. Since 2007 ABA Bank has broadened its scope to focus on the retail-banking sector and aim’s to provide dependable, easy-to-use and technologically advanced banking services throughout Cambodia.

Having serviced the corporate and retail banking sectors in Cambodia for fifteen years, ABA Bank offers products and services designed to benefit every sector of the Cambodian community from business loans to moto loans and current accounts to fixed interest deposits. Each and every product that ABA offers has been carefully tailored to suit the needs of the Cambodian market.

In 2011, Asian Banking & Finance Magazine awarded ABA as Cambodian Retail Bank of the Year and in the same year. ABA receives HSBC Global Payments and Cash Management 2010 Golden Award.

ABA Bank currently has eleven branches across the country including 7 in Phnom Penh.