ABA​ launches​ Fixed​ Deposit​ with​ free​ Life​ and​ Accident​ Insurance​ from​ Manulife


ABA FDs with Insurance news detail EN

ABA​ Bank,​ the​ largest​ Cambodian​ commercial​ bank​1,​ introduced​ a​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account​ with​ life​ and​ accident​ insurance​ from​ Manulife​ to​ offer​ the​ benefits​ of​ saving​ with​ a​ competitive​ interest​ rate​ and​ free​ insurance​ coverage.

ABA​ customers​ who​ open​ a​ 1-year​ Fixed​ Deposit​ account​ over​ the​ counter​ or​ through​ ABA​ Mobile​ will​ get​ instant​ insurance​ protection​ from​ Manulife​ Cambodia​ in​ case​ of​ death​ and​ total​ disability​ equal​ to​ the​ amount​ of​ their​ Fixed​ Deposit​ (capped​ at​ 50,000​ USD​ or​ 200,000,000​ KHR).

The​ customers​ of​ ABA​ are​ entitled​ to​ insurance​ without​ the​ medical​ check-up​ requirement,​ which​ is​ normally​ required​ when​ insurance​ is​ purchased​ directly​ from​ the​ insurance​ company.​ The insurance certificate is available through a link that Manulife will send in an SMS.

Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ Chief​ Executive​ Officer​ at​ ABA​ Bank,​ commented,​ "We​ believe​ this​ joint​ service​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ and​ Manulife​ Cambodia​ is​ the​ right​ fit​ for​ customers​ who​ seek​ the​ best​ financial​ plan​ with​ adequate​ life​ insurance.​ Customers​ can​ now​ open​ ABA​ Fixed​ Deposit​ with​ an​ attractive​ interest​ rate​ and​ receive​ a​ complete​ life​ and​ accident​ insurance​ package​ from​ our​ partner​ Manulife​ at​ zero​ cost."

"This​ integration​ highlights​ continuous​ support​ of​ our​ customers'​ well-being​ and​ the​ Bank's​ partnership​ with​ Manulife​ Cambodia​ to​ provide​ convenient​ access​ to​ life​ insurance​ products,"​ he​ added.

Visit​ the​ Fixed​ Deposit​ with​ Life​ and​ Accident​ Insurance​ webpage​ for​ more​ information​ on​ the​ product.​ Got​ questions?​ Call​ ABA​ toll-free​ number​ 1​ 800​ 203​ 203​ (inside​ Cambodia)​ or​ Manulife's​ customer​ service​ hotline​ at​ 023​ 965​ 999.

Don't​ have​ an​ ABA​ account​ yet?​ Open​ one​ using​ your​ smartphone​ to​ download​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ open​ an​ Instant​ Account​ (a​ valid​ Cambodian​ ID​ card​ and​ phone​ number​ are​ required).

1 ABA is the largest Cambodian commercial bank based on total assets, gross loans, customer deposits and profitability based on the National Bank of Cambodia's Annual Supervision Report 2021