Get​ instant​ cashbacks​ with​ ABA​ Visa​ Contactless​ at​ Caltex!


Fuel​ up​ for​ $20+​ for​ cars​ and​ $2+​ for​ motorcycles​ to​ get​ $3​ and​ $0.30​ instant​ cashback,​ respectively,​ when​ you​ tap​ to​ pay​ with​ your​ ABA​ Visa​ Contactless​ card​ at​ Caltex.​ As​ simple​ as​ that!

The​ offer​ starts​ on​ 8​ June​ for​ cars​ and​ 20​ June​ for​ motorcycles.​ Both​ offers​ end​ on​ 31​ July​ 2020​ or​ until​ the​ stock​ lasts,​ so​ hurry​ up.​ It​ is​ a​ great​ opportunity​ to​ spend​ less​ on​ gasoline​ with​ ABA​ Visa​ contactless​ card​ at​ the​ following​ Caltex​ stations:

*Due to popular demand, the $3 instant cashback offer has now ended. The $0.30 instant cashback is still ongoing. Hurry, before it runs out too!

Phnom​ Penh

  • Bokor:​ Monivong​ Blvd​ corner​ Mao​ Tse​ Toung​ Blvd;
  • Boeung​ Trabek:​ Monivong​ Blvd​ corner​ St.​ 474;
  • Chak​ Angre:​ National​ Road​ No. 2​ (2​ km​ from​ the​ city​ boundary);
  • Boeung​ Keng​ Kang:​ Norodom​ Blvd​ corner​ St.​ 41;
  • Apsara:​ Monivong​ Blvd​ corner​ Preah​ Sihanouk​ Blvd;
  • Calmette:​ Near​ Calmette​ Hospital​ on​ Monivong​ Blvd;
  • Chroy​ Changva:​ Near​ ABA​ Chroy​ Changva​ branch​ on​ National​ Highway​ No.​ 6A;
  • Toeuk​ Laork​ (Mondial):​ Mao​ Tse​ Toung​ Blvd​ corner​ St.​ 202;
  • Petloksang:​ Russian​ Federation​ Blvd​ corner​ St.​ 271;
  • Pochentong:​ Russian​ Federation​ Blvd​ (2​ km​ from​ the​ city​ boundary);
  • Mekong:​ Charles​ de​ Gaulle​ Blvd​ corner​ St.​ 169;
  • Phsar Demkor: Near Demkor Market on Samdech Monireth Blvd;
  • Chbar​ Ampov:​ Opposite​ ABA​ Chbar​ Ampov​ branch​ on​ National​ Road​ No.​ 1​ (1​ km​ from​ the​ city​ boundary);
  • Russei​ Keo:​ National​ Road​ No.​ 5​ (3​ km​ from​ the​ city​ boundary).


  • Siem​ Reap:​ Near​ BROWN​ Roastery​ on​ National​ Road​ No.​ 6A​ corner​ Taphul​ Rd;
  • Sihanoukville:​ Near​ Phsar​ Leu​ on​ St.​ Ekareach​ corner​ St.​ Sopheakmonkol;
  • Kampong​ Cham:​ Near​ Kizuna​ Bridge​ roundabout​ in​ Kampong​ Cham​ town;
  • Battambang:​ Near​ Lok​ Ta​ Dambong​ Kra​ Nhoung​ roundabout​ in​ Battambang​ town.

Terms​ and​ conditions

  • Applicable​ for​ all​ new​ and​ existing​ ABA​ Visa​ contactless​ cards​ only.​
  • Applicable​ for​ transactions​ with​ minimum​ $20​ for​ car​ and​ $2​ for​ motorcycle​ in​ a​ single​ sales​ slip.
  • This​ Promotion​ is​ valid​ only​ at​ participating​ Caltex​ stations​ mentioned​ above.​
  • The​ Promotion​ is​ provided​ on​ the​ “first​ come​ first​ serve”​ basis​ and​ only​ until​ stock​ lasts.​
  • ABA​ Bank,​ Visa,​ and​ Caltex​ reserve​ the​ right​ at​ their​ discretion​ to​ terminate​ this​ promotion​ or​ vary,​ delete​ or​ add​ to​ any​ of​ these​ terms​ and​ conditions​ without​ prior​ notice.
  • ABA​ Bank​ and​ Visa’s​ decision​ on​ any​ matter​ will​ be​ final​ and​ no​ correspondence​ will​ be​ entertained.