Stay protected from financial scammers!


Stay protected from financial scammers!Stay protected from financial scammers!

ABA Bank is warning valued customers to be extra vigilant with regard to any emails which claim to come from ABA Bank, regardless of how genuine the mail may appear. 

Please kindly note that the ABA Bank will never send you an email, SMS or a website link requesting you to enter your card, iBanking or other details.

Such activities are frequently used by criminals to convince victims, by means of email, fake websites, SMS or phone call, to hand them over such information as card or bank account numbers, passwords and log on details, which can be used to commit fraud.

Please kindly note following measures on avoiding phishing scam attacks:

  • Be very careful with emails and personal data. Never respond to emails or SMS that request personal financial information.
  • Pay great attention to the email address that criminals use to contact on behalf of ABA Bank; we neither send you emails from,,, or other addresses, nor assign third parties to contact you to claim donation prizes, inheritance, gifts, etc.
  • Visit ABA's websites by typing the URL into the address bar or saving it in your browser's bookmarks. Our website address start with "https://" ("s" for security) and have in their domain name. Hence, all other website addresses like, are fake and not related to ABA Bank.
  • Log into your online accounts on a regular basis, and check your statements to detect transactions of suspicious nature.
  • Keep your computer secure by installing anti-virus software and keeping it up to date as some phishing emails or other spam may contain spyware which can record information on your internet activities.

If you receive a suspicious email, please immediately report to info(at)

If you think you may have fallen victim to phishing or any other type of online fraud, please call us as soon as possible at +855 23 225 333.

Securely yours,
ABA Bank