SECC​ releases​ principal​ approval​ on​ ABA​ Corporate​ Bond


SECC​ releases​ principal​ approval​ on​ ABA​ Corporate​ Bond

Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​ (ABA​ Bank),​ a​ member​ of​ National​ Bank​ of​ Canada​ Group,​ announces​ to​ receive​ a​ principal​ approval​ from​ the​ Securities​ and​ Exchange​ Commission​ of​ Cambodia​ (SECC)​ on​ request​ to​ issue​ the​ Bank’s​ corporate​ bond​ (ABA​ Bond)​ for​ the​ public.​ The​ approval​ was​ obtained​ during​ the​ meeting​ of​ SECC​ on​ July​ 23,​ 2019.

ABA​ will​ further​ fulfill​ the​ requirements​ for​ the​ public​ offering​ of​ corporate​ bonds​ in​ pursuance​ to​ the​ law​ and​ regulations​ before​ obtaining​ the​ final​ approval​ for​ listing​ on​ the​ Cambodia​ Securities​ Exchange​ (CSX).​ The​ Bank​ plans​ to​ issue​ the​ bonds​ in​ the​ total​ aggregate​ amount​ of​ KHR​ 128​ billion​ (equivalent​ USD​ 32​ million)​ with​ the​ nominal​ amount​ of​ KHR​ 100,000​ per​ bond​ and​ the​ maturity​ of​ three​ years. The coupon rate ranges from 7.00% to 7.75% per annum with the semi-annual coupon payment.

As​ informed​ by​ the​ Bank​ earlier,​ the​ net​ proceeds​ from​ the​ bond​ issuance​ will​ be​ used​ for​ operating​ expenditure​ as​ well​ as​ growth​ in​ the​ lending​ business,​ which​ will​ support​ rural​ micro-,​ small​ and​ medium​ enterprises​ (“MSME”),​ including​ women​ entrepreneurs​ in​ Cambodia.

SBI​ Royal​ Securities​ is​ the​ sole​ financial​ advisor​ and​ underwriter​ for​ this​ landmark​ transaction​ of​ ABA​ Bank.

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