Public announcement on ATM security of ABA Bank


Public announcement on ATM security of ABA BankPublic announcement on ATM security of ABA Bank

Dear customers,
We would like to inform you on the recent cases of intentional damage of our ATMs by customers in Phnom Penh and Kampot province. One of the customers hit the ATM screen with their fist, while the other threw a stone into the machine. ABA security team has worked cooperatively with the local law enforcement authorities to identify and prosecute the perpetrators. Also, the Bank has filed complaints in order to recover property damage from the violators.

Please be informed that all ATMs and cash-in machines of ABA Bank are equipped with security cameras. We also deployed the 24/7 security team that oversees all the activities and reports immediately once any irregularity occurs. This is done in order to ensure the best service and strengthen security at our ATM and cash-in locations nationwide. Therefore, we encourage all the valued customers to respect the property of the Bank and properly use our self-banking facilities.

If you encounter any problem while using our ATM or cash-in service, please immediately contact us via 023 225 333 or 098 203 333 for 24/7 support.