Protect yourself from scammers


Protect yourself from scammers 1Protect yourself from scammers 1

Dear​ ABA​ customers,​

We​ remind​ you​ to​ be​ extra​ vigilant​ regarding​ any​ phone​ call,​ email​ or​ message​ claiming​ to​ come​ from​ ABA​ Bank,​ regardless​ of​ how​ genuine​ they​ may​ appear.

Here​ are​ several​ simple​ tips​ for​ your​ safe​ banking​ experience:​

  • Never​ share​ the​ security​ codes​ received​ from​ ABA​ via​ SMS​ or​ push​ notification​ to​ anyone​ even​ those​ claiming​ to​ be​ ABA​ staff;
  • Never share to the public the phone number linked to your ABA Mobile app;
  • Be aware that ABA Bank only uses the following numbers to contact you on promotions, queries, customer surveys or any account-related issues: 023 225 333, 098 203 333 and 098 203 203;
  • Never​ disclose​ or​ provide​ anyone​ the​ information​ needed​ for​ registration​ with​ ABA​ Bank;
  • ​Do​ not​ take​ pictures​ of​ your​ card​ and​ share​ it​ with​ others;
  • Regularly​ change​ the​ PIN​ code​ of​ your​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ of​ your​ card;

We​ will​ never​ contact​ you​ or​ assign​ someone​ on​ our​ behalf​ to​ contact​ you​ for​ these​ details.​ Anyone​ who​ asks​ you​ for​ such​ information​ is​ a​ scammer!

If​ you​ receive​ calls​ or​ texts​ pretending​ to​ be​ from​ ABA​ Bank​ for​ the​ above mentioned​ information​ or​ if​ you​ think​ you​ may​ have​ fallen​ victim​ to​ fraudulent​ activity,​ please​ immediately​ call​ us​ at​ 023​ 225​ 333​ or​ 098​ 203​ 203,​ chat​ with​ us​ on​ our​ website​​ or​ email​ us​ through​

Thank​ you.​