New advertising campaign on ABA Microbusiness loans


New advertising campaign on ABA Microbusiness loans

Aiming to help Cambodian microbusinesses and create good conditions for strengthening this vital sector, ABA Bank launches its new Microbusiness loan (MBL) campaign.

ABA Bank provides Microbusiness Loans to meet the needs of small business owners that want to expand on their existing business. Microbusiness Loans from ABA Bank help individuals who need funds for business expansion, equipment purchase or capital.

From now on, ABA Bank launches new brochures for MBL and series of radio spots, depicting different life situations and how businessmen can win from getting an ABA MBL loan.
Shortly afterwards, the series of TV commercials will be aired to cover all the regions of Cambodia, who are desperately in need for loans to expand business or purchase new equipment.

To listen to the radio spots for Microbusiness loan, please visit our Media Library page.
For more information on Micro loans, please visit the Microbusiness loan page. 

ABA Bank Microbusiness loan – take a little to get a lot!