More​ provinces​ can​ now​ enjoy​ paying​ utilities​ in​ ABA​ Mobile


aba water and edc dt enaba water and edc dt en

ABA​ expands​ its​ bill​ payment​ service​ in​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ to​ more​ provinces​ across​ the​ country.​ Residents​ of​ the​ Prey​ Veng​ and​ Ratanakiri​ provinces​ can​ now​ pay​ their​ electricity​ bills​ to​ Électricité​ du​ Cambodge​ (EDC)​ and​ Battambang’s​ residents​ can​ settle​ their​ monthly​ water​ bills​ to​ the​ local​ supplier​ via​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ without​ spending​ time​ travelling​ to​ or​ waiting​ in​ line​ at​ the​ utility​ offices​ anymore.

To​ pay​ the​ monthly​ utility​ bills​ at​ zero​ fees​ in​ USD/KHR,​ simply​ follow​ the​ steps​ below:

  • Launch​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ go​ to​ Payments;
  • Tap​ Utilities​ and​ choose​ the​ utility​ supplier;
  • Select​ the​ EDC​ branch​ of​ your​ location​ (for​ EDC​ bill);
  • Enter​ your​ consumer​ number,​ the​ amount,​ and​ tap​ Pay​ Now. ​

To​ learn​ more​ about​ the​ Bill​ Payment​ service​ in​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app,​ visit​ here.

If​ you​ do​ not​ have​ an​ ABA​ account​ yet,​ you​ can​ download​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ and​ open​ Instant​ Account​ (Cambodian​ ID​ card​ and​ phone​ number​ required)​ or​ visit​ your​ nearest​ ABA​ branch​ today!