Corporate​ Bond to​ be​ issued​ by​ Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​


Corporate​ Bond to​ be​ issued​ by​ Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​

Advanced​ Bank​ of​ Asia​ Limited​ (ABA​ Bank),​ member​ of​ National​ Bank​ of​ Canada​ Group,​ announces​ today​ that​ it​ obtained​ an​ approval​ from​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia​ (NBC)​ to​ begin​ the​ process​ of​ issuing​ corporate​ bonds​ on​ the​ Cambodian​ capital​ market.​

ABA Bank next seeks to obtain approval for the bond issuance from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia (SECC) via submission of the Disclosure Document. The bonds will be listed on the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX).​

Net​ proceeds​ from​ the​ bond​ issuance​ will​ be​ used​ for​ operating​ expenditure​ as​ well​ as​ growth​ in​ the​ lending​ business,​ which​ will​ support​ rural​ micro-,​ small​ and​ medium​ enterprises​ (“MSME”),​ including​ women​ entrepreneurs​ in​ Cambodia.​

SBI​ Royal​ Securities​ is​ the​ sole​ financial​ advisor​ and​ underwriter​ for​ this​ landmark​ transaction​ of​ ABA​ Bank.​

About​ ABA​ Bank:
ABA​ Bank​ is​ one​ of​ Cambodia’s​ leading​ banking​ institutions​ founded​ in​ 1996.​ Today,​ ABA​ offers​ the​ entire​ spectrum​ of​ modern​ financial​ services​ and​ digital​ banking​ solutions​ to​ customer​ segments​ covering​ SMEs,​ microbusinesses,​ and​ individuals.​
As​ at​ May​ 31,​ 2019,​ ABA​ Bank’s​ total​ assets​ equaled​ to​ US$3.36​ billion,​ making​ it​ the​ third​ largest​ bank​ in​ Cambodia.​ In​ 2017,​ ABA​ Bank​ received​ the​ issuer​ credit​ rating​ ‘B’​ from​ Standard​ &​ Poor’s​ (S&P)​ Global​ Ratings.​ In​ 2018,​ S&P​ reaffirmed​ the​ credit​ rating​ with​ “Positive”​ outlook.
ABA​ Bank​ was​ named​ “Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia”​ for​ 2015-2019​ by​ major​ publications​ including​ The​ Banker,​ Euromoney,​ and​ Global​ Finance​ magazines.
The​ major​ shareholder​ of​ ABA​ Bank​ is​ National​ Bank​ of​ Canada​ (,​ the​ sixth​ largest​ bank​ in​ Canada​ and​ the​ leading​ bank​ in​ Quebec​ where​ it​ is​ the​ partner​ of​ choice​ among​ SMEs.

About​ SBI​ Royal​ Securities:​
SBI​ Royal​ Securities​ is​ the​ leading​ securities​ firm​ in​ Cambodia,​ offering​ a​ full​ range​ of​ investment​ services,​ which​ include​ underwriting,​ advising,​ mergers​ and​ acquisitions,​ and​ brokerage.​ In​ 2018,​ SBI​ Royal​ Securities​ was​ named​ as​ Cambodia’s​ “Best​ Corporate​ and​ Investment​ Bank”​ by​ Asiamoney​ magazine.​
Established​ in​ February​ 2010,​ SBI​ Royal​ Securities​ Plc​ (SBIR)​ became​ the​ first​ Japanese​ financial​ institution​ to​ acquire​ the​ “full​ license”​ required​ to​ operate​ a​ securities​ business​ in​ Cambodia​ from​ Securities​ and​ Exchange​ Commission​ of​ Cambodia​ (SECC).
​SBI​ Royal​ Securities​ has​ completed​ many​ historic​ transactions​ including​ the​ IPO​ of​ the​ Port​ of​ Sihanoukville​ (CSX​ listing:​ PAS),​ the​ IPO​ of​ Phnom​ Penh​ Special​ Economic​ Zone​ (CSX​ listing:​ PPSP),​ and​ the​ first-ever​ corporate​ bond​ in​ Cambodia​ offered​ by​ Hattha​ Kaksekar​ Limited​ (CSX​ listing:​ HKL21A).

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