Congratulations to the winners of the "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 with ABA Visa" promotion



ABA​ is​ delighted​ to​ announce​ and​ congratulate​ all​ the​ winners​ of​ the​ “Win​ a​ Trip​ with​ ABA​ Visa​ to​ FIFA​ World​ Cup​ Qatar​ 2022​ and​ themed​ items”​ promotion​ which​ has​ successfully​ ended​ on​ 30​ September​ 2022.

By​ the​ end​ of​ this​ promotion,​ two lucky​ winner​s of​ the​ five-day​ trip​ to​ FIFA​ World​ Cup​ Qatar​ 2022​ was​ selected​ for​ making​ payments​ with​ ABA​ Visa​ card​ for​ a​ single​ minimum​ purchase​ of​ $200.​

There​ were​ also​ 500​ other​ winners​ who​ were​ selected​ for​ issuing​ a​ new​ ABA​ Visa​ plastic​ card​ and​ spending​ at​ least​ $200​ cumulatively​ during​ the​ promotion​ period.​ The​ winners​ received​ FIFA​ World​ CupTM​ themed​ limited-edition​ merchandise​ of​ 150​ footballs,​ 150​ barrel​ bags,​ and​ 200​ drawstring​ bags.

Congratulations​ and​ thank​ you​ to​ all​ the​ winners​ who​ used​ ABA​ Visa​ plastic​ card​ and​ virtual​ card​ as​ your​ payment​ solution.​

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