Adjustment of operation hours of ABA Contact Center


Adjustment of operation hours

Dear​ customers, Please​ be​ informed​ that​ from​ 19​ April​ and​ until​ further​ notice,​ ABA​ Bank’s​ Contact​ Center​ will​ serve​ customers​ with​ a​ 12-hour​ schedule,​ 8​ AM​ to​ 8​ PM​ daily.​

This​ temporary​ adjustment​ follows​ the​ tighter​ travel​ restrictions​ in​ Phnom​ Penh​ area​ imposed​ by​ the​ Government.

We​ apologize​ for​ the​ inconvenience​ caused​ and​ list​ down​ all​ ABA​ customer​ support​ channels​ available​ for​ your​ inquiries,​ but​ please​ expect​ certain​ delays​ with​ the​ response​ while​ we​ are​ getting​ through​ the​ lockdown​ period:

Thank​ you​ for​ banking​ with​ us!

Yours​ truly,
ABA​ Bank