ABA​ wins​ Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2022​ in​ Euromoney​ Awards


ABA Euromoney Award dtABA Euromoney Award dt

ABA​ Bank,​ Cambodia's​ number​ one​ commercial​ bank​1 ,​ has​ been​ named​ the​ "Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ 2022"​ by​ Euromoney,​ one​ of​ the​ world's​ most​ prominent​ and​ trustworthy​ financial​ magazines.​ The​ award​ ceremony​ for​ winners​ took​ place​ in​ London​ (United​ Kingdom)​ and​ gathered​ top​ banking​ professionals​ from​ across​ the​ globe.

The​ award​ confirms​ ABA's​ position​ as​ Cambodia's​ leading​ bank​ and​ largest​ provider​ of​ retail​ banking.​ Euromoney​ applauded​ ABA​ for​ its​ innovative​ banking​ solutions,​ solid​ expansion,​ and​ remarkable​ growth.​ The​ decision​ of​ the​ judging​ panel​ is​ also​ supported​ by​ ABA's​ recent​ significant​ development​ and​ enhancement​ of​ its​ digital​ state-of-the-art​ platform,​ such​ as:

  • Integration​ of​ the​ Bank’s​ payment​ system​ with​ KHQR,​ which​ allows​ ABA​ customers​ to​ receive​ transfers​ and​ payments​ from​ customers​ of​ other​ local​ banks​ within​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia’s​ Bakong​ payment​ system​ free​ of​ charge;
  • Launch​ of​ card-to-card​ transfers​ with​ Mastercard​ and​ UnionPay​ International​ in​ the​ Asia-Pacific​ region;
  •  Introduction​ of​ a​ quick​ loan​ solution,​ Salary​ Loan,​ in​ ABA​ Mobile​ to​ provide​ quick​ and​ easy​ financing​ for​ personal​ use​ with​ no​ collateral​ requirements;
  • Deployment​ of​ the​ first​ and​ only​ self-issuance​ of​ plastic​ cards,​ which​ lets​ customers​ order​ their​ bank​ card​ in​ ABA​ Mobile​ and​ then​ issue​ it​ from​ ABA​ Card​ Machine;
  • Further​ upgrade​ of​ its​ unique​ ABA​ Merchant​ app,​ which​ allows​ businesses​ to​ receive​ payments​ and​ manage​ their​ trading​ activities​ easily​ and​ efficiently;
  • Continuous​ growth​ of​ the​ ABA​ 24/7​ self-banking​ network.​ With​ ABA​ 24/7​ spots,​ ABA​ customers​ can​ make​ cash​ deposits/withdrawals,​ deposit​ checks,​ and​ issue​ bank​ cards​ free​ of​ charge.

Commenting​ on​ the​ occasion,​ Askhat​ Azhikhanov,​ Chief​ Executive​ Officer​ of​ ABA​ Bank,​ said,​ "It​ is​ our nineth​ consecutive​ top​ title​ from​ Euromoney,​ which​ proves​ ABA’s​ leading​ position​ in​ Cambodia​ to​ deliver​ innovative​ and​ beneficial​ financial​ products​ and​ services​ to​ our​ valuable​ customers.​ We​ dedicate​ this​ award​ to​ all​ our​ clients​ and​ thank​ them​ for​ their​ trust​ in​ ABA."

As​ the​ largest​ Cambodian​ commercial​ bank,​ ABA​ is​ well-known​ for​ providing​ unrivalled​ digital​ financial​ services​ to​ SMEs,​ microbusinesses,​ and​ retail​ clients.​ As​ of​ 30​ June​ 2022,​ the​ Bank's​ total​ assets​ reached​ US$8.5​ billion,​ whereas​ the​ total​ volume​ of​ digital​ transactions​ on​ the​ ABA​ Mobile​ app​ alone​ totaled​ almost​ US$100​ billion.

About​ Euromoney's​ Awards​ for​ Excellence:
Euromoney's​ Awards​ for​ Excellence​ were​ established​ in​ 1992​ and​ are​ the​ global​ benchmark​ for​ the​ banking​ industry.​ These​ annual​ awards cover​ more​ than​ 20​ international​ product​ categories,​ best-in-class​ awards​ in​ all​ regions,​ and​ the​ best​ banks​ in​ close​ to​ 100​ countries worldwide.​ Euromoney's​ award​ decisions​ are​ made​ by​ a​ committee​ of​ senior​ journalists,​ chaired​ by​ Euromoney's​ editor,​ following​ the receipt​ of​ detailed​ submissions​ from​ market​ participants​ and​ extensive​ year-round​ research​ into​ the​ banking​ and​ capital​ markets​ in​ the region​ by​ editors,​ journalists,​ and​ research​ team. ​

1​ ABA​ is​ the​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia​ in​ terms​ of​ total​ assets,​ gross​ loans,​ customer​ deposits​ and​ profitability​ based​ on​ the​ National​ Bank​ of​ Cambodia’s​ Annual​ Supervision​ Report​ 2021