ABA Took Part in 8th Edition of Career Forum


ABA Took Part in 8th Edition of Career Forum

ABA Bank participated on 8th Edition of Career Forum, held at the Diamond Island Convention Centre, Phnom Penh, Cambodia on June 22-24, 2012.

Organized by French-Cambodian Chamber of Commerce (CCFC), the two and a half-day event included career seminars and education forum design to help job seekers, university students upgrade their qualifications, develop professional skills and enhance their opportunity.

ABA Bank representatives from different departments like Sales, HR and Admin, Loan/credit and Operations conducted the exchange with the career forum participants bringing in their expertise and experience on the actual career world. According to them their objective is to raise awareness of the different careers in banking, the challenges and issues on the actual field of work and the different skills and knowledge that are used on dealing with these challenges.

Since its launch in 2005, the Career Forum has broadened its scope. It is no longer just an avenue for job seekers and givers. It has developed into a forum where young Cambodians can learn to choose and shape their career path. 

Every year in June, thousands of participants gather in front of professional stands and numerous public lectures. It is the result of a special join effort between private and public sectors. Indeed, Career Forum gathers companies, NGO, different kind of organizations and universities.

About ABA Bank:
ABA Bank was founded in 1996 as an Advanced Bank of Asia Ltd. Since 2007 ABA Bank has broadened its scope to focus on the retail-banking sector and aim’s to provide dependable, easy-to-use and technologically advanced banking services throughout Cambodia.

Today ABA Bank is one of the fast growing Cambodian Bank. In the past two years ABA bank assets grow from $80.84 million to $224.42 million from end of first quarter of 2010 to end of first quarter of this year. The Bank deposits grew by a rate of nearly three times from $ 61.05 million at the end of first quarter of 2010 to $187.66 million in first quarter of this year whilst ABA also increased the amount of loans extended from $34.24 million to $104.57 million by first quarter of this year. Also profits increased from $2.0 million compared with just $0.04 million last year 

In 2011 ABA was awarded by Asian Banking & Finance Magazine as a Cambodian Retail Bank of the Year.

ABA Bank currently has eleven branches across the country including 7 in Phnom Penh.