ABA​ recognized​ as​ Best​ Brand​ in​ Cambodia


ABA​ recognized​ as​ Best​ Brand​ in​ CambodiaABA​ recognized​ as​ Best​ Brand​ in​ Cambodia

ABA​ Bank,​ the​ leading​ Cambodian​ commercial​ bank​ and​ a​ subsidiary​ of​ National​ Bank​ of​ Canada,​ received​ the​ “Cambodia’s​ Best​ Brand​ 2021”​ award​ at​ the​ Brand​ Leadership​ Awards​ ceremony​ held​ virtually​ on​ 12​ January​ 2021.​ ABA​ became​ the​ only​ Cambodian​ private​ sector​ bank​ to​ receive​ this​ honor.

The​ Brand​ Leadership​ Awards​ was​ inaugurated​ and​ hosted​ by​ CMO​ Asia​ and​ endorsed​ by​ the​ World​ Federation​ of​ Marketing​ Professionals.​ The​ award​ was​ established​ to​ identify​ the​ outstanding​ brand-building​ and​ marketing​ efforts​ by​ organizations,​ individuals,​ and​ teams​ for​ their​ commitment​ to​ foster​ marketing​ awareness​ in​ the​ professional​ community.​ These​ awards​ are​ an​ independent​ brand​ recognition​ exercise​ to​ acknowledge​ those​ who​ have​ achieved​ extraordinary​ success​ from​ innovation​ and​ effective​ marketing​ practices​ in​ Cambodia.

Representing​ the​ Academic​ Council​ and​ Award​ Committee​ of​ CMO​ Asia,​ its​ Executive​ Director,​ Dr.​ Aalok​ Pandit​ said,​ “CMO​ Asia​ would​ like​ to​ congratulate​ ABA​ on​ being​ recognized​ as​ Cambodia’s​ Best​ Brand.​ It​ is​ a​ tribute​ not​ only​ to​ the​ leadership​ team​ and​ the​ professionalism​ of​ the​ employees​ but​ also​ to​ their​ consumers.​ They​ have​ now​ set​ forth​ the​ standard​ of​ excellence​ in​ Cambodia.”

Being​ a​ leading​ bank​ in​ Cambodia,​ ABA​ is​ well-known​ for​ bringing​ modern​ and​ convenient​ digital​ finances​ to​ its​ customers.​ As​ of​ 31​ December​ 2020,​ ABA​ Bank​ managed​ US$​ 6.1​ billion​ in​ total​ assets​ and​ served​ over​ 1.3​ million​ customers​ throughout​ the​ country.

The​ Bank’s​ mobile​ banking​ app,​ ABA​ Mobile,​ was​ recognized​ the​ Mobile Banking and Payment Initiative of the Year in Cambodia by​ Asian​ Banking​ and​ Finance​ magazine,​ while​ the​ Bank​ itself​ was​ named​ the​ Best​ Bank​ in​ Cambodia​ for​ several​ consecutive​ years​ by​ prominent​ international​ magazines​ The​ Banker,​ Euromoney,​ and​ Global​ Finance.