ABA​ participates​ in​ Cambodia​ Insurance​ Day​ 2022​ exhibition


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ABA​ Bank,​ the​ number​ one​ financial​ institution​ in​ Cambodia​1 ,​ participated​ in​ “Cambodia​ Insurance​ Day​ 2022”​ organized​ by​ the​ Insurance​ Regulator​ of​ Cambodia​ (IRC)​ in​ collaboration​ with​ Insurance​ Association​ of​ Cambodia​ and​ held​ on​ 25​ July​ at​ Chroy​ Chongvar​ International​ Exhibition​ Center​ in​ Phnom​ Penh.​

The​ opening​ ceremony​ was​ presided​ over​ by​ H.E.​ Ros​ Seilava,​ Secretary​ of​ State​ of​ the​ Ministry​ of​ Economy​ and​ Finance​ and​ Vice​ Chairman​ of​ the​ Board​ of​ Non-Bank​ Financial​ Services​ Authority.

Cambodia​ Insurance​ Day​ aims​ to​ promote​ the​ development​ of​ the​ insurance​ sector​ and​ raise​ awareness​ about​ insurance​ services​ to​ increase​ public​ trust.​ This​ exhibition​ will​ help​ Cambodians​ better​ understand​ insurance​ products​ that​ can​ protect​ them​ from​ financial​ burden​ when​ risks​ arise.​

This​ participation​ highlights​ ABA’s​ continuous​ support​ of​ the​ insurance​ industry,​ which​ benefits​ the​ well-being​ of​ Cambodians,​ as​ well​ as​ the​ Bank’s​ partnership​ with​ Manulife​ Cambodia​ to​ provide​ customers​ convenient​ access​ to​ life​ insurance​ products​ through​ ABA​ service.

For​ more​ information​ on​ Manulife​ life​ insurance​ products,​ call​ ABA’s​ contact​ center​ at​ 1​ 800​ 203​ 203​ (toll-free​ inside​ Cambodia)​ and​ Manulife’s​ customer​ service​ hotline​ at​ 023​ 965​ 999.

1 ABA is the largest commercial bank in Cambodia in terms of total assets, gross loans, customer deposits and profitability based on the National Bank of Cambodia’s Annual Supervision Report 2021