ABA Financial Literacy Program expands to the third phase, brings knowledge to rural areas in Ratanakiri


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ABA Bank, in collaboration with Canada-based Angkor Resources Corp., is proud to announce the launch of the third phase of the Financial Literacy Program in the rural areas of Ratanakkiri province.

The ultimate objective of the ABA Financial Literacy Program is to equip participants with the tools needed to make informed financial decisions, enhance their economic well-being, and contribute to the community's overall development. The Program empowers individuals to improve their present and future financial circumstances by fostering financial stability and independence.

Building on the previous phases' success, this third phase will provide comprehensive training sessions on various financial topics. Participants will gain a clear understanding of fundamental concepts such as financial planning, money management, setting financial and saving goals, as well as proper loan usage and avoidance of over-indebtedness.

In this new phase, ABA has enhanced the Program's impact. Training of Trainers (TOT) sessions were conducted for 22 community trainers, empowering them to effectively deliver the lessons in their native language or dialect to the community. This localized approach has proven immensely beneficial, allowing for better comprehension and engagement within the community.

The Financial Literacy Program will consist of 22 classes, reaching out to 500 community participants in several districts and remote villages. By expanding the coverage to the new areas, the Bank ensures that even more individuals in Ratanakiri will benefit from this important knowledge.

In 2022, ABA successfully conducted the first financial literacy classes for more than 200 villagers in the rural area of Ratanakkiri to develop the knowledge and skills of the communities to grow their economies and finances wisely and healthily.

ABA extends its gratitude to its partner, local authorities, and community members who have supported the program thus far. Together, we are making significant progress in bridging the financial knowledge gap and promoting financial literacy among the people.