ABA​ becomes​ Gold​ Sponsor​ of​ Kep's​ Sea​ Festival,​ weaving​ legacy​ of​ growth​ and​ sustainability


ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SFABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF
ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF-3ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF-3
ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF-2ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF-2
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ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF-5ABA Gold Sponsor of Kep SF-5

ABA​ Bank,​ the​ largest​ commercial​ bank​ in​ Cambodia,​ cemented​ its​ commitment​ to​ community​ development​ and​ sustainable​ growth​ as​ the​ Gold​ Sponsor​ of​ the​ recently​ concluded​ 10th​ Sea​ Festival​ in​ Kep​ province.

Held​ on​ 1-3​ December​ under​ the​ theme​ "Together​ for​ Tourism,"​ the​ event​ left​ a​ vibrant​ legacy​ of​ cultural​ exchange​ and​ economic​ rebuilding,​ woven​ with​ ABA​ Bank's​ support.

Prime​ Minister​ Samdech​ Hun​ Manet's​ presence​ at​ the​ opening​ ceremony​ resonated​ with​ the​ Festival's​ spirit​ of​ collaboration​ while​ the​ symbolic​ planting​ of​ 1,300​ casuarina​ trees​ marked​ a​ resolute​ step​ towards​ environmental​ stewardship.

Throughout​ the​ Festival,​ ABA​ Bank's​ dedicated​ booth​ at​ the​ trade​ fair​ and​ exhibition​ served​ as​ a​ bridge​ between​ innovative​ financial​ solutions​ and​ the​ local​ community,​ fostering​ financial​ inclusion​ and​ empowering​ local​ businesses.​

ABA​ Bank's​ golden​ touch​ has​ paved​ the​ way​ for​ future​ partnerships​ with​ local​ businesses,​ nurturing​ the​ seeds​ of​ continued​ tourism​ growth​ in​ Kep.​ This​ commitment​ extends​ beyond​ the​ event,​ as​ ABA​ Bank​ recently​ marked​ its​ official​ arrival​ in​ Kep​ province​ with​ the​ inauguration​ of​ its​ branch​ last​ year.​ This​ expansion​ signifies​ unwavering​ support​ of​ ABA​ Bank​ for​ the​ region's​ economic​ potential​ and​ its​ dedication​ to​ supporting​ local​ businesses​ and​ individuals.